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Thread: It's not THAT Bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bolt the Cat View Post
    Sure, there's plenty of sane fans out there that like the Adventure games, but for every one of those sane fans, there's 5 more that are just supporting the game out of nostalgia.
    Nice ad hominem!

    It's not everyone, of course, but definitely the vast majority of Adventure fans. And nostalgia itself isn't the problem, it's that nostalgia clouds people's judgment.
    Wouldn't you consider that a problem, then? There's also this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Zazie View Post
    The Sonic Adventure games were fairly well received back when they first came out. I doubt the people saying that they enjoyed Sonic Adventure back in 1999 were fueled by nostalgia.
    But clearly, those people were all insane, right? Liking the Sonic Adventure games for reasons other than nostalgia... they must be ****ing psychotic! We'd better have them sent to an mental hospital ASAP!

    Let me indicate again that you are indicating that you believe that people who like a game for nostalgic reasons are insane.

    (Not to mention that nostalgic folks back then would probably HATE the SA games. Probably more for being 3D than for any matter of speed. Sandopolis was slow as hell, too.)
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    And Chemical Plant, Flying Battery and so on.

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    Chemical Plant only gets slow around the second half of the second stage, and even then, it's not that much so. Flying Battery Zone, though, for sure. S3&K had some really deadly slow/overlong stages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~Kingdom of Earth~ View Post
    Okami and/or Okamiden.! That game was one of the best I ever played. Delving into so much about japanese mythology and the japanese art style graphics makes for a great game.

    AS for my thoughts, i don't know about other people, but a lot of kids in my grade hate Team Fortess 2, even though one person i know has played it, and everybody says call of duty is better than TF2 because COD is actually realistic. *Sigh* I guess my generation lives in idiots, especially ones that answer jusat COD if i ask them what games they play when they say they're gamers.

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    World of Warcraft!
    There appears to be little to no love for it on here. :(

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    White Knight Chronicles wasn't bad. Sure the voice acting in English was a little off, but I enjoyed the game.
    Credit goes to MagicMochi. Check out their shop.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sidewinder
    While it is very reminiscent of a lot of journey trainer fics, it held my attention. It stands out among a lot of the other fics I've read lately and I'm excited to continue the story.

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