The Lost City of Alph
Find the Unown!


For the past several days the ancient Isle of Talas has experienced a bizarre series of unexplained psychic events finally resulting in the largest sandstorm ever recorded in the land's history which has unearthed the remains of an ancient city inhabited by what scientists believe to be the rarely ever sighted Unown Pokémon.

Very protective of their ruined city, the Unown are making it difficult for archaeologists and scientists alike to access the area to study the Pokémon themselves or the inscriptions left behind by an ancient race of humans who appear to have lived in harmony with these mysterious Pokémon.

Most disturbingly, another psychic sandstorm, even larger than the one that has unearthed these ancient ruins, is on its way and expected to bury the city within 24 hours. Leaders of the academic world are calling upon Pokémon trainers in the vicinity to help capture all forms of Unown before the city is lost forever!