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When Jess first heard the news report about an ancient city’s carcass unearthed, followed by an appeal for trainers to come forth and capture its guardians who denied all archaeologists’ attempts at approach, the girl wrinkled her nose at the notion of carelessly confining these creatures that fought so fiercely and firmly for their freedom. If the city’s secrets were so important to them, then she would say let them rest in peace. At least for now. Perhaps in the future they will decide to leave the place of their own accord. Until then, couldn’t humans have some patience? Another psychic storm would surely come someday.

Besides, she had the feeling there was more to this story than met the surface. Maybe it was best not to disturb the past, for people’s sake as much as Pokémon’s. Who knew, they might be protecting the final traces of humanity’s downfall for good reason. Whatever answers lay buried within those walls, was it really worth the potential risks? These “Unown”, as it were, might be warning of danger…

Jess shook her head, thinking she must be overthinking, and reached for the remote to shut down the black box as it switched from scenes of sand-coated flocks of fools first-respondents to a studio reporter blabbing on about letters and inscriptions. However, she found the control clutched tightly in her Swalot’s Sticky Hold for some reason, and try as she might she could not persuade it loose. Ruby eyes shone as he stared raptured at the screen, scanning the fuzzy photos of strange symbols. Squinting as if to try and decipher the meaning.

Jess smiled, glad to see Gumpy displaying such keen interest in something other than food for once. He had recently grown addicted to crime/mystery dramas, and had even taken up reading the great adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which he devoured almost as hungrily as the ramen noodles he often ate in honor of his secondary – somewhat sillier – hero. He even begged her to start buying a certain brand of Fizzy Bubbles cereal for breakfast, downing a whole box of it in one go in order to reach the prize at the end: a “super-special awesome” secret decoder ring. He was twisting it and his moustache now in deep concentration, furrowing his brow as he checked back and forth against the blurred character descriptions in the image. Jessica chuckled and held up her hands in defeat.

“Say, Detective Gumshoe, how would you like to take a trip to Talas to see those signs up close? Maybe you can solve the mystery those scientists can’t.”

Gumpy turned to his trainer with wide eyes as bright as stars, before clearing his throat and gracefully grabbing his green coat, cap, and cape, donning them with dignity. Though he was certainly excited over his very first case, he would still strive to carry himself with great pride. Jessica didn’t dare laugh as he then proceeded to pointlessly place a plaster on his cheek and fake moustache over his own, puffing bubbles from his toy pipe. He looked ridiculous trying to combine two styles in the first place, but she simply couldn’t refuse his requests. Besides, he did look rather dapper when the light struck a perfect pose just right, usually in profile. Suppressing her giggles, she grinned as she gave her own Watson impression.

“Well then, old friend, shall we be off? I do believe our boy Rocky can give us a lift. Let us see what adventure awaits.”