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    CyberBlastoise: A place of archaeological significance that could be explored... You needed no other reason than this to visit the area but the fact there is a very real threat the city may again be lost beneath the desert sands within the next 24 hours, and suddenly you're racing to the area like the devil himself is on your tail. Finally arriving at the outskirts of the lost city you're awestruck by its beauty and want to stay for as long as it takes to examine every last nook and cranny but with time being an issue you're happy just to see what you can. As you walk toward the city you're greeted by Professor Spencer Hale who hands you a small satchel containing 12 Pokéballs. "Please use these Pokéballs to catch as many Unown as you can," he pleads. "I'm hoping that between us all we are able to catch one of each kind to gather a complete record of these Pokémon. Remember, we don't have much time before the sandstorm reaches us so please be quick!" A short time later, while wandering throughout the corridors of the ancient site, you find yourself confronted by an Unown K glowing with grass energy who doesn't appear at all willing to let you pass....

    Bill loved the site of the ruins that much was for certain. Heck, he'd stay here himself and help the research team if it wasn't for the problem at hand. The second sandstorm was going to come quickly, not enough for a full expedition like he would want for something like this, but perhaps he could find some artifacts or something similar to take home as a souvenir. The sheer preciseness of the construction just kept Bill's love for archaeology aroused.

    He ended up taking one corridor that branched off from his primary path to check out and see what was in this direction. Some of the runes here seemed to tell a story, but it was too faded to tell without the proper tools, and that would waste more time than exploring the ruins as a whole. He took a quick glance into some of the rooms he passed, although none of them were really extraordinary, but then again, the exploration teams probably already took what they could before from the shallower parts of the ruins. This meant that Bill would have to go deeper into the ruins too. As he headed down the pathway, the young man ended up going around a corner to find one of the Pokemon in question, an Unown. This one looked like a floating stick with two diagonal lines protruding from one side. It seemed focused on stopping the trainer from continuing any further. Was there something of interest beyond this area? All it did was make Bill want to pass through even more so.

    The Pokemon in question irradiated a faint greenish aura, but Bill ignored this as it was one of the more common colors of Psychic energy emitted from Pokemon. He pulled out one of his Pokeballs, the one containing Gold his Totodile to be precise. He chucked it into the hallway and the jovial Totodile happily jumped into the corridor.

    Bill stated, "Looks like we have someone that doesn't want us to go through. You ready?" Gold just nodded its head in response and gave a smile to the Unown. The trainer commanded, "Okay, start off with Flash, while it's blinded, use the opportunity to Dragon Dance. Finally, strike it with your Shadow Claw!"
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