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Thread: Best version?

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    Crystal but it is newer and like emerald or platinum had time to improve on the features the other two had so I kinda don't feel like comparing it to the others is fair, so in that case I pick silver as I'm a lugia fan

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    There is no question Crystal is the best here, but I mean the 3rd games are usually the better out of all 3 because they have been worked on longer, have the benefit of seeing what did and did not work in the initial two versions, added storyline/gameplay, etc.

    I never wanted to pick up Crystal myself, I had no interest in it.
    A storyline around Suicune? Didn't care. Raikou was my favorite.
    You can be a girl now? I'm a guy.
    Animated Pokemon? Cool, but not really doing it for me.

    Silver was my game of choice and that will never change.
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    Crystal has everything Gold/Silver had (except for some pokemon) and MORE. I liked the idea of giving the popular Suicune it's own storyline.

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    crystal is better by far.
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