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Thread: My Fanfic Based on Pokemon Adventures/Special

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    Default My Fanfic Based on Pokemon Adventures/Special

    This is my most craziest idea since I have thought of making Pokemon Adventure Chronicles someday for a real Video game, but I will start small in a fanfic style.

    It's story will be based on a manga book based from a video game. It takes place in the future where the Pokedex Holders have kids and so do some of the gym leaders, but somehow something wicked doesn't quit and have two kids get help from the Pokedex Holders (not their adult selves, their kid selves).

    And the fanfic has a lot of focus on the past, the protagonists, and humors. What do you folks think? It's a fanfic based off the manga that is based off the game. It also feature the original protagonists as adults.
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