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Thread: Aradis Chronicles: Quest for the Sacred Gems: [RP Thread, Rated PG-13]

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    Felicja Łukaszewicz / "Felicity Lucas"
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    Mercenary Guild, Aradine

    "I sincerely apologize if you felt as if I was trying to hunt you down. You just reminded me of someone. Can we put this past us? My name is Cynthia, Cynthia Viridian. A Berzerker and Cleric from the Jadewing Plains of Rukon." The blonde half-Velox said, defeated, before introducing herself. Feli smirked. Mind games like this...she enjoyed it.

    "Feli. I'm a Thief from around here...raised in Janzek Peninsula." She replied with another of her carefully-rehearsed answers. She was still suspicious of Cynthia, but she couldn't act like something was up, otherwise her cover would be blown. Thankfully for her, she didn't have to worry as much because of an unexpected savior,who took the form of a monkey-like Lightning Gaian.

    "WOW! You are one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen! And you have such nice-" He said, before Cynthia hit him with a hammer. Feli couldn't help but flirt with him and humor him, however.

    "You mean these?" Feli said as she gestured to her large breasts, giving them a small squeeze, before allowing her hand to travel to her thighs.

    "Or these? Or even...this? You have good taste, m'boy." She smirked, touching her face a bit before giving him a naughty look. Unlucky and not exactly as intelligent as she thought she was, one thing Feli was sure of was her beauty. Said beauty got her out of a few sticky situations after all when her luck failed her after all.

    Suddenly, a tall half-Velox man dressed in brown strode in, making Feli stop what she was doing. The man strode to the middle of the room and stopped.

    "Alright troops! I am your commander, Captain Richter Redheart, but you can and will refer to me as Captain! Now, form a line right here and stand at attention, then state your name and what skills you add to this team!" His booming voice rang across the room, prompting Feli to follow the others in forming a line, ending up behind a guy who just arrived and carried with him a crossbow. One by one, they started introducing themselves. First up was the tall Earth Gaian, who turned out to be a mechanist and whose name was Harvey.

    "Alright, who's next?"

    "Next" was the guy who just arrived. A Ranger named Kristoph who seemed rather shy and jittery. Feli laughed to herself. Maybe she could knock that out of him with a few of her...ways? Once he was done, she stepped forward.

    "Name's Felicity Lucas, Captain. Thief extraordinaire. Need someone to hide in the shadows? An ambush? Attack quickly? I'm your girl." She introduced, throwing him a mock salute as she grinned before walking away. This was definitely going to be interesting to watch and hear.
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