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Thread: My Team 4 fun

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    Default My Team 4 fun

    Hey there,

    first of all I don't plan on competing on any tournament with this team what so ever. It's is simple a team to compete against some of my friends and having some fun.

    This Team basically contains the Pokemon I like the most, well some of them.

    Froslass - Korra

    Nature: +Speed, -Atk
    EVs: 6 HP | 252 Sp.Atk | 252 Speed
    Ability: Cursed Body
    Item: Focus Sash
    ~ Spikes
    ~ Ice Beam
    ~ Taunt
    ~ Destiny Board
    My Suicide Lead. Get out some Spikes and farewell.

    Ninetails - Kushina

    Nature: +Speed, -Atk
    EVs: 6 HP | 252 Sp.Atk | 252 Speed
    Ability: Drought
    Item: Life Orb
    ~ Flamethrower
    ~ Solarbeam
    ~ Nasty Plot
    ~ Psyshock
    Thanks to Drought I could finally start using Ninetails again. It's getting rid of Sandstorm, Solarbeam dan be used without charging up and Flamethrower gets a boost.

    Cloyster - Pearl

    Nature: + Atk, -Sp.Atk
    EVs: 6 HP| 252 Atk | 252 Spd
    Ability: Skill Link
    Item: Kings Rock
    ~ Shell Break
    ~ Icicle Spear
    ~ Rock Blast
    ~ Razor Shell
    Pretty much the basic stuff here. Kings Rock rises the chance of flincing by 11% per hit. Amazing Combo with Icicle Spear or Rock Blast

    Umbreon - Khensu

    Nature: +Sp.Def, -Speed
    EVs: 252 HP | 252 Atk | 6 Def
    Ability: Synchronize
    Item: Leftys
    ~ Curse
    ~ Paxback
    ~ Moonlight
    ~ Toxin
    I simple love Umbreon and I couldn't think of anything better

    Espeon - Sol

    Nature: +Speed, -Atk
    EVs: 6 HP | 252 Sp Atk |252 Speed
    Ability: Magic Bounce
    Item: Life Orb
    ~ Psychic
    ~ Calm Mind
    ~ Grass Knot
    ~ Shadow Ball
    I actually never really liked it as an Umbreon-Fan... but it has Magic Bounce! And it makes a nice pair with Umbreon, I guess.

    Togekiss - Nut

    Nature: +SpDef, -Atk
    EVs: 252 HP | 6 SP.Atk | 252 Sp.Def
    Ability: Serene Grace
    Item: Leftys
    ~ Air Slash
    ~ Thunder Wave
    ~ Morning Sun
    ~ Light Screen
    Again pretty basic stuff. Light Screen might help the entire Team survive a bit longer which might be absolutly needed with Pokemon like Ninetails in the Team ..

    Again, most of the Pokemon are Pokemon I really like but I am not really satisfied with this team. The coverage isn't really good and I am missing attacks like Earthquake and Thunderbolt. I was thinking of replacing one or two Pokemon but I think that would lead to putting Umbreon in Box 1.

    Any Ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
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    at first glance you are horribly weak to rock type attacks, so you need a steel type, also to take Outrages and Draco Meteors. Will do bigger rate later.
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    well, a steelix might help, with being able to use earthquake, as well as drop stealth rocks to irritate flying and levitating mons immune to spikes, and it can roar/dragon tail to abuse them. roar is probably the better move, as long as you can avoid being taunted, as it phazes through substitute. also it can wall physically just as well as umbreon, if not better. for thunderbolt, maybe you could replace espeon's grass knot? ninetails has solarbeam, which is way stronger.

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    but if the weather is changed, ninetales is screwed if it picks solarbeam. and steelix is horrible in ou.
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    this is ou? i thought it was a casual pick-whatever since he said it was buddy battles, and since umbreon is uu. course, buddy battles have a bad habit of becoming ubers-level smashfests or sand-attack wars with a touch of F.E.A.R. in my experience, so nothing short of arceus-flying will get the job done. or maybe its just my area is full of pricks.

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    First of all: Thank you so far.

    I hadn't thought about the Rock weakness at all. I will definitely make a change to cover that.

    And no this is not a OU-Team or at least it wasn't supposed to be one. We kinda try to let all the legendary Pokemon out of the battles. Sand-attack-teams one the other hand are still a possibility. That was one of the reason I picked up Ninetails with Drought to ruin those tactics a bit

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    You really should expand on your descriptions, since they're very short. I'll leave this open overnight for your to fix those, but otherwise I'll have to lock this.

    EDIT: Time's up!
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