I need some advice, this is my team (5 badges)

Docile @Black Sludge
> Giga Drain
> Venoshock
> Sleep Powder
> Leech Seed

I got a Bulbasaur egg, because its my favorite pokemon (and 5th gen starters sucks)

Serene Grace
Modest @Eviolite
> Psyshock
> Thunder Wave
> Wish
> Fly (ingame)

Need evolve this and get air slash.... with eviolite its a nice tank

Water Absorb
Careful @Quick Claw
> Curse
> Bulldoze
> Ice Punch
> Rock Smash

Buff up and roll... Quagsire was a bro long time ago, in stadium 2

HAL 9k
Magnet Pull
Rash @Light Clay
>Volt Switch
> Mirror Shot
> Light Screen
> Reflect

Dual screen and go away with Volt Switch... nice for ingame and battle subway

Hyper Cutter
Naughty @Something?
> Bulldoze
> Rock Slide
> Rock Smash
> Sand Tomb

It looks cute, and flygon its cool.... but vibrava sucks

Naughty @Amulet Coin
> Flame Charge
> Techno Blast
> Signal Beam
> Magnet Bomb

Filler... an awesome filler, but filler

I want add volcarona and Mienshao on my team... what to switch?