So many fandoms have theme months, so a few of us on tumblr decided to declare November the theme month for DPA! And with it comes a meme that I realized a few days late that I should share here. Though feel free to just have general discussion and such, though there's a thread for general DPA discussion already (plus, of course, fanfic and fanart and such should the need arise), so this thread should be for the meme questions. Don't feel pressured to do all of them, but of course that's much appreciated. Since this is supposed to last for the month, try to span things out a bit, too. Oh yeah, and if anyone also on tumblr wants to do this there, tag your posts with "dpa month" so we can all share. Though doing it here is great!

1. How did you start reading DPA?

2. Who is your favorite hero?

3. Who’s your favorite villain?

4. Favorite chapter?

5. What’s something you wanted to see happen that didn’t?

6. Favorite pokémon?

7. If DPA had a voice cast, who would you want to hear in the roles?

8. Favorite B-2 butt abuse moment?

9. What’s your favorite Hareta scene?

10. Did you have any predictions about DPA that came true?

11. Did you have any predictions about DPA that didn’t come true?

12. (November 12th is Cyrus Appreciation Day) What’s your favorite Cyrus scene?

13. Do you have any headcanons for DPA?

14. Favorite single panel?

15. What’s your favorite Mitsumi scene?

16. What’s your favorite Jun scene?

17. Favorite pokémon battle?

18. Favorite Gym Leader/League battle?

19. Not including Charon, what’s your favorite Galactic Commander scene?

20. What’re some alternate outfits you want to see the characters in?

21. Favorite shipping? (feel free to divide this into categories if need be!)

22. What’s your favorite Koya scene?

23. Who’s a game character you wanted to see appear that didn’t?

24. Who do you think won the last battle, Hareta or Koya?

25. What’s your favorite Charon scene?

26. Who do you think won between Mitsumi and Cynthia?

27. What’s your favorite Piplup/Empoleon scene?

28. What are some pokémon you would want to see the characters with?

29. Where do you think Hareta went after the epilogue?

30. Given about three years since the series ended, what do you think the characters are doing now?