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Thread: Pokemon World Tournament - EV Training?!

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    Default Pokemon World Tournament - EV Training?!

    I cant pass Johto Gymleaders.
    So in another Forum they told me I had to do EV Training.
    I just want to know if this is the right way:

    1) I catch i.e. a Growlithe with Jolly nature.
    2) Equip him with Power Brace
    3) Use 10 Protein on Growlithe.
    4) Fighting against 16(???) Patrat?
    5) Then fight against a stronger foe to level up?

    I never did EV before.
    And do I really need this Pokerus? I dont have a Pokemon with this status.

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    We need to know first what EV spread you're aiming for. I'm guessing 252 Atk/252 Spd/4 ??...

    You'll actually need to have to fight 152 Patrats to get 152 EVs+ the 100 you get from the 10 proteins.

    Because Growlithe is holding the Bracer, it'll max out the Speed far faster than Attack.

    Do you want your Growlithe to get an extra point anywhere else (HP, SpDef, Def)?
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    ^The Power Bracer gives extra attack EVs not speed.

    Doing it the way you describe without pokerus will give 180 EVs in Attack. With Pokerus it will be 260 though it's capped at 255. It's not good to have 255 EVs as this is not wholly divisible by 4 and the game always rounds the stat down. Instead it's best to stop at 252EVs as it saves 3 EVs and when the game does the calcs the extra 3EVs will make no difference.

    Pokerus isn't necessary but it makes things easier as it doubles the amount of EVs you get in battle. A lot of pokemon on the GTS have it.
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    152 fights would be really much ô.o
    @1quacka1 But I cant see who has Pokerus and who has not.

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