A good Iris episode no doubt.

-Battles, Doryuuzu and Kairyu was rushed but at least the wanted results happened with Doryuuzu typing and showing improvement against Ononokusu. Kairyu VS. Crimgan showed Kairyu and Iris mended trust and Kairyu's trust toward humans in-general. Iris losing was good and what I wanted and I look forward to how she's going to develop in her new Gym Leader goal alongside her Dragon Master goal.

-Iris' past, so when attending Souryuu Academy she was friendless? Very relatable moment and showed how Iris being different contrasted to the usual norm of the other kids of Souryuu. I thought the scene where she was in the fountain splashing and playing with the Koaruhi was pretty cute and a nice likened moment back to when she was at the village and played in the stream. That flashback to her dorm room and her looking at pictures of Shobu and Doryuuzu was precious, it must have been really tough for her at that time, again that a moment I think a lot of people can relate to. I liked the scene where she was pushing Ononodo too hard just like with Doryuuzu.

-Music during the flashback to Doryuuzu being Rock Smashed was surprisingly good, seemed like a new piece and fit the nostalgic aura they were trying to portray quite nicely.

-Shaga getting serious when Kairyu came out to play was great and his Crimgan being treated like a real powerhouse as well as finishing the battle with Dragon Tail.

Overall, Iris being offered a scholarship to becoming the Souryuu Leader was expected, but I couldn't be happier. It ties into the game and shows how Iris' development eventually lead up to this.