I just watched the battle between Iris and drayden...GEZZ. .___________.

Iris is like I've got this! Dragon Rush!
Dragonite gains altitude and does so*

Drayden: Stop it! (Or something.)
Druggion litterally grabs dragonite by the neck before he slams into druggion (Those claws look like they're gonna ****ing choke dragonite, I'm not shitting you.)
Drayden: fling it into the sky!
Sruggion throws dragonite by the neck into the air.

Drayden: Dragon tail!

Druggieon jumps up spinning to gain momentum, and slams dragonite back into the ground.

I found the neck grab to freaken brutal .___.;;;

I give the episode a high grade just because of that baddassery. xD