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Thread: My friend told me something weird...

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    Default My friend told me something weird...

    she told me that there is a glitch in gen 3 that i can make pokemon be shiny and have good ivs called the r and g code, but i googled it and i couldnt find anything. Do you guys know what she was talking about?
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    I think, no offence, that you were typing in the wrong thing. It is the RNG- the Random Number Generator. Though I don't know how to use it, the RNG is the number that is created every battle that determines whether a Pokemon will be shiny or not. Many shiny hunters and competitive battlers like to manipulate it to get good Pokemon.
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    Mind you, that's not a glitch, it's how the games run (as do various other games, such as say Fire Emblem, etc). To manipulate it involves using external programs usually to get at some specific numbers or the such, but besides that it's not a glitch, just manipulating the games in such a way to get what you want.

    Anyways that's the gist, so going to close. Try the questions/help thread sticky next time please.

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