I'm just curious to see who everyone's favorite starters are. This thread has probably been done before, I don't know though, so forgive me if I'm being repetitive.

So who are your favorite starters from each generation and why?

Mine are all in my signature, but I'll reiterate anyway

Gen one: Bulbasaur. I love all the starters from the first generation a lot, but Bulbasaur just seem like chill Pokémon. I can't really put my finger on why I love it so much. I guess I just do

Gen two: Cyndaquil. I chose Cyndaquil the first time I played Pokémon Gold. I've played with all of those starters, but Cyndaquil has always been the one I liked best. Plus I think Typhlosion looks awesome!

Gen three: Mudkip. It evolves into Swampert, my favorite Dual type water/ground Pokémon, and one of my favorites overall. I like Torchic too, but mostly because it's adorable

Gen four: Turtwig. Mostly because I love Torterra. I love it's grass/ground typing.

Gen five: Tepig. Two main reasons. One is because I love pigs. The other is because Emboar has a beard of fire. Plus reading Emboar's pokédex entry made me really like him, and it's what led me to choose Tepig for my in game team (I had trouble deciding who to start with)