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Thread: A Rather Shy Newbie appeared...

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    Default A Rather Shy Newbie appeared...

    So... I've been lurking around the forums here for a while and today said "Well, why not, I'm here a lot anyway" and decided to make an account.

    To start... I'm a rather odd person (not that I'd call that a bad thing). I've been into Pokémon since I was little (and I have limited interests, but I'm trying to expand them, I swear). My first game was Gold (I feel kind of weird because of that, but hey) and the sheer nostalgia has always made me love Johto the most, to this day.

    My favourite types are Fire and Dark (tied, never could pick one over the other), and my favourite Pokemon is Pidgeot (as you can probably tell by my avvie XD).

    I haven't been actively keeping up with the anime for a while (although I'll watch an episode every now and then, and I'm trying to get back into it). But I have been keeping up with the movies.

    Errr... some minor Pokémon history of mine for you. Don't want to ramble.

    And it's also 4am what am I still doing up orz

    Anyway. Hello there, everyone. ^^

    Current mono-type: The Coming Storm, Round 2
    Game: Crystal (8/8)

    Currently: Battling trainers I've missed around Johto, then heading for the League.

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    Hi AnonNekomata!

    Welcome to SPPF!
    Hope you have a great time here!
    If you ever need help, just send a PM/VM! (Private Message/Visitor Message)

    Johto, is awesome. Yes.

    So uh, hi!

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    Hey and welcome to the forums

    If you have any questions, want to be friends, or just want to chat, then feel free to send me a Private Message or Visitor Message.

    My first Pokemon game was Red. Kanto is probably my favorite region; although, Unova is a very close second. My favorite type is Water. And my favorite Pokemon is Lapras. I watched the first and second seasons of the anime and the first 5 movies, but I stopped watching after that. I am hoping the rumor of a Pokemon anime for mature audiences will eventually come out. I would definitely give it a try.

    Ok well I guess I'll ttyl. Take care. Bye.
    Pokémon Y Friend Code: 4441-9508-9799
    In-game name: Daniel

    I have an Electric Safari: Dedenne, Helioptile, and Luxio.

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    Welcome to the club

    Credit to Mr. Joker for the Glee banner
    Credit to Skiyomi for the lovely Blue Snover banner

    If anyone is interested in a custom ribbon for your profile pic, be sure to check out Ayra's sprite thread in the fanart section, if you want to take a look at her work have a look at my profile.

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    Welcome to sppf!

    If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me.


    Pokemon Claim:

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