This is a fic that's been saved in bits and pieces on my hard drive for a while now. I thought now would be a good as time as any to finally publish it. This is an AU story.

Chapter one: The Hatching

The clouds were dark and gloomy in the land of New Kanto, a strong wind blew, its sound making a haunting echo in the stillness of the land. What was once a happy and prosperous land was now a desolate wilderness. Almost five hundred years had passed since the cataclysmic war destroyed most of the known world and wiped out almost every living being in existence. Small disputes between the major countries of the land over dwindling resources escalated into large scale conflict, and finally to world war. One by one, each nation went to war, bringing all of their technology, manpower, and Pokémon to the battlefield. Out of all of those, Pokémon were the deadliest weapons of all.

In the beginning, the war was fought with people and weapons. However this proved to be inadequate as each nation had large supplies of both, and plenty of nationalistic zeal to back them up. Soon after Pokémon were bought into the fray. This proved to be at once the best and the worst decision the Nations had ever made. Pokémon were far better suited than man for warfare and it showed. A single Rhyperior could topple a dozen tanks before being bought down by enemy fire, Staraptor made far better bombers than planes ever did, Gyarados could sink subs better than any underwater torpedo system. All in all, introducing Pokémon increased the amounts of casualties immensely. By now the annual Pokémon leagues in every region were no longer tests of skill in the art of Pokémon training, but recruitment grounds for the military. Top trainers and their Pokémon were immediately whisked off to the battlefields where they were forced to kill and be killed in ever increasing numbers. Many deserted, but there was no place to run. The world's supply of forests was almost all gone, mountains were stripped bare for their ores, and the oceans were so polluted in many industrialized areas not even Grimer could live in the water.

As the war continued to rage on, the world's resources eventually reached a breaking point. It started when the last drop of petroleum was drilled, then the last reserves of coal. At this point the world's taboo on the usage of Uranium was lifted from each country one by one to provide power to the billions of people living in them. By the time the ban on Nuclear power was lifted the food crisis had also reached a critical point. At this point food riots were commonplace and martial law was implemented. Soldiers were authorized to kill their own people on sight if any were found stealing or otherwise obtaining extra increasingly diminished rations. The people tried to rebel, but it was already too late. The inconvenient truth was that there was simply not enough of anything really left in the world, the never ending war between the nations had ground everybody down to nothing, and now at the breaking point the governments prepared for the worst. Large underground caches were made to house what few eggs each nation could salvage. A few of the best trainers and breeders were sealed down below along with a small food supply in the hopes that eventually things will get better. Then came that fateful day, no one knew who fired the first one, and no one knew who fired the last. All everyone knew was that the world as they knew it was obliterated, blown to Ashes in less than a day.

However things were not completely hopeless. The legendary Pokémon who had all sunk into a deep slumber during the war emerged from their hiding and helped cleanse the world from the horrors of the war. Suicune purified the irradiated and polluted water, Celebi and Shaymin planted the seeds that would grow into forests, Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza helped to regulate the weather so that the world may soon be restored to its former grandeur. However the one Pokemon that caused the most widespread change was Arceus. Watching from his perch from up on high, he saw the incredible amounts of destruction that humans and Pokémon managed to wreak on themselves and the environment. As such Arceus knew eventually the egg vaults will reopen; people will slowly craw out of the ground and attempt to rebuild lives for themselves in the wild. However such a catastrophe could not happen again. The second time, the legendary Pokémon would not be able to handle it. Even now the earth is falling apart at the seams, something drastic must be done.

As such Arceus began his most important project of all since shaping the world with his arms. First he detached the 16 plates from his body, each of them began glowing with an ethereal light as they circled around the Alpha Pokémon. Runes began to appear on each as Arceus imbued them with magic, cauing each to glow with incandesant light. The plates then expanded out around Arceus in a radiant ring, eventually forming a large hexakaidecagon around the deity. Arceus stood up to his full stature and extended all of his arms, from inside his body thousands of Unown began pouring out, attaching themselves in complex chains around each and every single plate. From there, Arceus began to emit large quantities of light and energy that ran down each chain of Unown and into the plates, each plate then began to shine even more brightly, then began shooting down streams of energy towards the ground soaking the ruined ground with bolt after bolt of energy that permeated the entire planet. Then Arceus emitted a couple more blasts of light from his body and using a few of his arms, shaped out a 17th plate, the Alpha plate. The Alpha plate rose high above the rest and then Arceus raised his head and charged up a Judgment and aimed it straight for the Alpha Plate, the plate exploded in rainbow colors that diverged into 16 rays, each ray struck a plate and carried them off one by one into the far corners of the world where they will serve as support for the spell Arceus just cast upon the world. With that, Arceus decided to delegate one legendary Pokémon to guard each plate.


As the Pokémon moved into position some into guard position, others back to slumber, Arceus went over his plan. From this day forth whenever a Pokémon egg hatches, it will imprint on the closest human. This creates a bond between the two that will never break. If the bond is broken between human and hatched Pokémon, both will die. Arceus hoped that such an extreme plan would prevent Humans from using Pokémon as weapons and continue to foster an environment of love and caring, without it degenerating into a brutal world of war and desolation. With that Arceus floated back up into the sky, weakened and thoroughly drained, ready for an eternal slumber. A long time passed, while the earth would never be the same as it was before the war nature slowly rebounded, the people locked underground slowly emerged and tried to build a world from the ashes of the old. And thus we return to New Kanto.

Back in the olden days, Kanto was one on the most powerful nations in the world. It was a paragon of technology and progress, it had one of the highest GDPs in the world, and its citizens enjoyed some of the highest standards of living in the world. In the post apocalyptic new Kanto however, things were much more different. For one access to Pokémon was completely restricted. Only the elite members of Society were authorized for imprintation of a Pokémon. Any law breaker was executed on the spot. It was almost impossible for this to happen though as the egg process is carefully controlled down to the last detail. A week before a child of the elite turns 10, he/she is led to the capital city of Indigo and escorted to the egg office, where they undergo a series of aptitude tests and physical examinations. Once that's done, the child places their hand onto an aura stone, which records their aura. From then a keeper takes the stone down into the egg vaults and carefully picks out the eggs that respond to the child's aura and sends the eggs up. From there one egg is selected based on the previous evaluation. Finally a member of one of the 3 imperial families of New Kanto personally takes the egg to the home of the lucky child and presents him with the egg on his birthday, which is stimulated to hatch at an exact time.

From here we follow one such harbinger of good fortune. An 18 year old from the Diamond family, one of the 3 ruling families was headed off to a small neighborhood on the east side of Indigo in order to deliver an egg to a lucky 10 year old. His name was Lucas and he wore a long black coat and a beret on his head as well as a scarf around his neck and a pack on his back. He walked quickly and with a serious demeanor. Following him was his Pokémon that he himself received at the age of 10. A massive Pokémon named Torterra, it was as the name suggested a truly terrifying tortoise. It was huge and menacing with a gigantic tree growing out of its shell along with massive spikes growing all across the rest of its shell. Every time the turtle took a step, the ground shook slightly. Everyone stared in fear him and his massive Torterra, Lucas paid no heed and continued to walk with his Pokémon towards his destination.

Indigo was a very large city in New Kanto, however compared to the old Kanto, it was nothing more than a small town. In the middle of the city, near the falls lies the Imperial Mansion, refurbished from what was left of the old battle tower. It was the tallest building this side of the Silver mountain range. The city itself was spread out in a haphazard way with the richest claiming the old buildings from before the war with the less well off citizens living in their own dwellings slightly off to the side of the main city. The houses were plain and gray, many with shingled roofs and the roads were paved with cobblestones. The smell of cooking and excrement filled the air as children played in the streets and women did household chores. Eventually Lucas and Torterra arrived at the east side of Indigo, a middle class neighborhood. The houses were simple brick boxes that provided an adequate, if austere standard of living. While the people that lived here must make do without running water or a central heating system, it was still miles better than living in a wasteland settlement. At least here the people could at least have a Pokémon for companionship and defense. Outside the capital walls and the few major cities that still housed people, none of that existed. The people eked out a living day by day from the environment in conditions that could only be described as foul. However as they lived under the control of Indigo and the Imperial Triumvirate, they still had to pay the taxes without much of the benefits that came with them. But enough about the wastes.

Lucas at last walked briskly to one of the doors, he checked a slip of paper with the address and knocked brusquely on the door twice. It was opened instantly by a woman that looked to be in her mid 30s with a wide look on her face. She was given a Sentret at the age of 10 and it sat on her shoulder clapping happily. Lucas stared at the woman, then stated "Bring the boy to me", revealing the small purple and white egg he had brought to the household. Then 2 people emerged from the backdoor, a man who Lucas recognized as a construction foreman with a Gurdurr, and a little boy with a cap. "Joey is it?" Lucas confirmed "Congratulations, I have here your egg, happy birthday". The entire family broke into cheers and tried to offer him some refreshments, he merely shrugged them off and placed the egg on a small table. Then took out a clipboard and watched carefully as Joey approached the egg. As Joey touched the egg, the egg began to glow with a white light as it started cracking. The egg shook and finally broke as a small Ratata hatched from it. As the Ratata took a look at Joey, a ball of light flowed from the rat and into the boy, causing Joey to yell in surprise. When the light faded, boy and Pokémon embraced, bonded for life. Lucas took some more notes on his clipboard, satisfied that the job was done, and headed out the door.