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    Default Hetalia country panel


    NOTE: this thread has no on-going plot because, as in hetalia, it's going to be random, I will post a new topic every now and then for the countries to be weird about and the new topics may be discussed or if one of the countries suggests something or starts a new adventure you dont have to follo it but you may have your own stories as long as you don't deviate from your current subject. This is to avoid as much confusion as possible, but there will always be some confusion due to hetalia being weird

    This role play is for anyone who likes hetalia or just wants to have a faff about everyone will chose a country from hetalia and do some role play or something, if you're unfamiliar with hetalia: it's basically about a bunch of personalized countries. A thread similar to this has been created on the highschool hero on the iPod the whole point of this thread is to have fun and enjoy, as more people join I might put up a list of the countries that have been caimed so there is no confusion abot who is who bur anyway, have fun!

    Explanation o Hetalia:

    Hetalia is an anime about personalized countries that live through history, the series is not in historical order and sometimes leaves off and doesn't pick up the same story fo several episodes, there are variations of Hetalia such as nekotalia (hetalia but with cats) and mochitalia (hetalia with mochis which are a Japanese food, this variation only appears in the manga) and chibitalia (the same as normal hetalia but farther back when the countries would've been children)
    Hetalia may be considered rascist by some because the characters personality is based on the country's IRL stereotype (hence why there is no need to explain your country's personality) with a few differences.
    Hetalia is a lot of fun and very funny, it does contain some swearing but most characters don't ever swear so there is no excuse for swearing exessively. Here is a link to the animerario website where you cn watch the full english dubbed episodes:
    Hetalia axis powers =
    Hetalia world series =

    NOTE: they are rated TV14

    No posts that are not joining or relevant.

    No swearing but mock swearing may be used (e.g. fudge sugar, shiz)

    You may have more than one character but no more than two countries and if the occasion arises where there are no more characters left, you may have to give up one country

    Do not troll, if you do YOU SHALL FEEL MY WRATH! (just kidding lol)

    this is meant to be fun so don't try to insult people or make them feel lesser (yes, even if they started it)

    Other than that and the other forum rules, Have fun!

    BTW I chose Russia and Italy

    Claimed countrys:

    Italy: me

    Russia: me

    Join form:

    (the great oath of Hetalia awsomness)
    I (...) promise to abide by the rules while role playing as (...) and will not cause trouble or confuse my fellow countries on purpose, I will respect the other countries and will help me and all other characters have the most pleasurable time possible

    Claiming country(/ies):

    Otherwise referred to as:

    Gender(because sometimes it's impossible to know):

    favourite hetalia charecter (out of pure curiosity):

    NOTE: This form is if you are making a country character, that is why it does not require much information BUT if you are making a different type of character you must give more information, also, like I said you may create another character aswell as your country and all that requres is a PM notifying me if you want to make a super quick chatecter but I still expect sufficient info to be given later or I will not recognize that chatecte as a permanent one and only as a temp

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