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Thread: Pokemon Platinum In-game Team(Need a final member)

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    Default Pokemon Platinum In-game Team(Need a final member)

    So I recently started a new Platinum save file. I decided to use pokemon I had never used before to make a team. I also wanted to try and use Sinnoh pokemon, or at least pokemon with a Sinnoh member in their evolutionary chain. I am stuck on the final member though. All suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Infernape Blaze
    Fire Punch/Flamethrower
    Close Combat
    Sunny day

    Roserade Natural Cure
    Petal Dance
    Weather Ball
    Toxic/Toxic Spikes/Sludge Bomb

    Dusknoir Pressure
    Shadow Punch
    Fire/Thunder/Ice Punch

    Lumineon Strom Drain
    Ice Beam
    Aqua Ring
    Safeguard/Silver Wind

    Blissey Serene Grace
    Calm Mind
    Special Move (Really not sure)

    I would really like to use an underused pokemon for my final member (No Staraptor Garchomp etc.) Plus I would like it to be a Sinnoh pokemon. All suggestions and help is greatly appreciated. (Not caring about Natures for this team because it is in-game)
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