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Thread: Just Wanted To Say How Much Better This Is Than Bulbagarden

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    Default Just Wanted To Say How Much Better This Is Than Bulbagarden

    I picked the wrong pokemon forum when I went to bulbagarden

    The mods act like nazi's, anything posted that might be just an inch off topic and you've got somebody reminding you "This is about Chansey, not the egg it carries" It's that serious.

    It's SOOOO dead over there. All the previous generations have ONE forum that stays dead. So much for nostalgia.

    Did I mention it's DEAD over there?

    Appreciate you guys having me, don't mean to bash bulbagarden since I still do use bulbapedia sometimes but this right here, this'll work. The pokedex and main site is even better.

    Looking for: Lansat & Staraf Berries
    Have Enigma Berry and every other berry if you're willing to help out?

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    That's nice, but there are several members and moderators alike that are members both here and at Bulbagarden, and whilst each forums has their bad points, each has their god points too. I imagine there to be similar topics posted on BG from time to time about Serebiiforums nazi mods and stringent rules. So whilst your feedback is appreciated, we don't want to ruin any interforum relations by leaving this thread open for other people to start bashing the forum, our forum, you, me, them, etc.

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