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    Floatzel might seem like a fairly decent Pokemon on paper, but when you start to see other offensive water-types, they generally do what Floatzel does better. This is what places Floatzel in NU. Floatzel does however, have the exact traits it needs to run a Choice Band set: Decent attack, high speed, and an okay move pool. It can also run a boasting set fairly well. Floatzel does have its problems though; it has low defenses, meaning it will have a hard time switching in, and powerful priority will ruin it.

    Swift Swim: Allows you to outpace everything in the NU tier, but with the ban of Drizzle below OU and Swift Swim + Drizzle in OU, it'll have to have Rain Dance support.
    Water Veil: Fairly decent, as Floatzel is primarily a physical attacker, and Floatzel already has great speed, but I generally prefer Swift Swim.

    Choice Band
    Item:Choice Band
    Nature: Jolly / Adamant
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    - Waterfall
    - Ice Punch / Return
    - Crunch / Brick Break
    - Aqua Jet / Switcheroo

    This is the most common and effective Floatzel set. Waterfall should be used as primary STAB and works well with Floatzel's high speed as the 20% flinch chance can come in handy. Ice Punch allows it to hit Altaria, Druddigon, and and Dragon- and Grass- types. Return gets better overall neutral coverage though. Crunch is mainly for Misdreavus and the numerous Psychic-types in NU, while Brick Break hits Steel-types for more damage. Aqua Jet is in the last slot to get past some of the priority users Floatzel loathes, such as Absol, while Switcheroo can cripple a wall.
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