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Thread: Top 5 most BS battles in Pokemon

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    I can't think of many right now, but one that comes to mind is Pikachu vs Eevee. Not sure if Ash vs Richie counts.

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    Pikachu VS Snivy (What the hell was that!?)
    All the "You didn't win but take the badge anyway" in Kanto Season 1
    Tepig VS Deerling (That was just cruel of that trainer who abandon Tepig that became Ash's just because it lost to a GRASS-Type but was also NORMAL-TYPE which had a better chance on beating a Fire-Type)
    Pikachu & Swellow VS Solrock and Lunatone (Why is that always the writers want to make their own rules in the Anime)
    Ash VS Elesa battle (What the hell Ash!? At least plan ahead you as what Iris calls you: A kid)

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    In no particular order:

    Ash vs Tobiased - really, this just out and out says Ash will never win a league - if he gets far enough, the writers will resort to pulling out some random dude with legendaries. Ridiculous.

    Ash vs Blaine/Ash vs guy in M01's beginning - Thunderbolt should never hurt Ground types. EVER.

    Lugia vs Bird trio - way to show off the powerful new legendary of the then-new generation - get its *** whooped in seconds. And it's the Mon on the cover.

    Kyogre vs Groudon - from what I read, it's just some stills with sound over. At least the games let you SEE them move.

    Anytime a move is used in a manner that is impossible to replicate in the games - picking up Stone Edge stones and throwing them, digging Pokémon being hurt by moves that shouldn't hurt them, Thunder Armour etc...
    Shokotan: "And then, in Extremespeed Genesect: The Awakening of Mewtwo, we meet another Mewtwo!"
    Yuyama: "Yes, I thought it'd be better if it was a different Mewtwo."
    Good for you Yuyama. Too bad you've singlehandedly torpedoed any lingering respect I and anyone else had for you.

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