Hey everyone!! First off, I registered this account back in '11, but never did anything with it.. I wasn't sure what to do or what to say, but I've just recently started to use it a few days ago when me and my boyfriend (Kinoyo on the forums) decided to be on here. Since I never posted in this thread, I thought now would be a good time =>

To introduce myself...
I am a 16 year old girl who's favorite top Pokémon are Pikachu and Latios. I love to battle and trade with random people, but sometimes I feel a bit shy at first..
I'd like to meet others and add them as friends but I just don't know where to begin..
My favorite hobbies are playing guitar, shiny hunting, and spending time with the people I love <3
Anyway, what are all of your interests? I'd like to read, see and meet many people and things.
I've already met a few, but I'd like to meet more.
Also, if anyone knows of a nice art shop or two, It'd be greatly appreciated!
That's about it, so I hope that there's more things to come!!