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Thread: Rap is the future?

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    My opinions towards music are very strong. It tends not to involve the genre, but more the content, the construction, and the passion put into it. For example, I do like some rap (Tupac, Biggie, a few by Kanye), but I wouldn't call it my favorite music. Overall, I believe that each genre of music has its own good parts and its own bad parts, and that opinion usually varies from person to person.

    Quote Originally Posted by BJPalmer85 View Post
    To me rap is dying.
    No, sir. Music itself is dying. Let's face it, the best times are behind us. All that's left are decaying relics and new "stars" that try to recapture the times of the past. There's a lack of creativity these days, but it seems to only be in the popular scene. I suppose there are still some good bands out there, and like I've said, music itself is subjective, but still, in many peoples eyes, its all going to hell. I'm a musician myself, and I try to make new and awesome stuff too, but I can't create something that doesn't sound like ripping someone off. Its frustrating. But that just may be me. Anyway, rap is getting popular because, in many but not all of its forms, and at least to me, its a simpler dynamic than other types of music. With rap, you have synthesized beats, at least with most common rappers, no guitars, or other instruments, just synthesizers. There's nothing wrong with simple or electronic music, this is just my view of why its in such great amount. To me, the lyrics don't change in theme so much, its mostly just the beat or the WAY they say it.

    But again, music is going downhill. I just hold closely to the bands of the past and dig like hell to find the new good stuff. That's all anyone can really do anymore, and I say this again, its all subjective.
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