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Thread: Pokemon Cries

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    Question Pokemon Cries

    You can probably tell by the title but I want your thoughts on Pokemon cries. What is your best and worst Pokemon cry?

    I rather like Ferrothorn's cry with it's "clunking"sound.

    I definitely don't like Zebstrika's cry. It's just too loud and annoying.

    What about you?

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    I like Reshiram's cry. It sound so majestic, fitting for a legendary dragon. White Kyurem's cry is cool too, but it is basically a distorted Reshiram cry, so I guess it's kinda the same.

    What I find weird is that some pokemon have the same cries. Rhyhorn and Charizard's cries are the same, and so are Caterpie's and Goldeen's, and also Poliwag and Ditto!
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    I like Reshiram's, Milotic's, and Palkia's cries.

    I definatly don't like Jynx's and Staraptors cries. Too shrill.
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