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    I have had trouble finding clear answers about this. I recently started a quest to obtain all ribbons short or the purification ribbon on my Latios. I obtained all the gen 3 ribbons (including Mt. Battle), and am about to transfer to gen 4. I have some questions about a few ribbons, and I would like to hear from people who have experience with them.

    1. From what I've gathered, there are two each of the contest memory ribbon and the battle memory ribbon. One is if you have one or more ribbons, and another only if you have ALL the contest/battle ribbons. Could someone confirm this? I also have yet to see a picture of a pokemon with these ribbons, so if you have one could you post a link to an image of the ribbon summary?

    2. Sadly, the world ability ribbon is no longer obtainable, what with Nintendo cutting off Wi-Fi. Is it still required to get the second battle memory ribbon for getting all the battle ribbons?

    3. This one is a long shot, but is there any way to still get the world ability ribbon? I'm not sure how it worked, but from what I've read, battles are downloaded over Wi-Fi. Is it somehow possible to download battles to the game card without using Nintendo WFC?
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    This would be better asked here.

    But anyway, indeed, there is one for both. Also don't forget the FRLG Ribbons, iirc there is a Ribbon accessible if you get all Stickers on a Pokémon, but I'm unsure.

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    dirkac answered this, so I'm gonna close it
    make sure to look around first for the right section/thread
    thank you!

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