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Thread: Ever had a dream involving Pokemon?

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    Default Ever had a dream involving Pokemon?

    Just this morning, I had a dream where I started a Pokemon adventure and lived in a house. I wanted a Pokemon I couldn't catch yet that was found in the tall grass of a neighbor's garden. I decided to trespass and noticed that the neighbor had covered the grass with a tarp that looked like some sort of mat you'd see on the floor of a kindergarten. I sat on the tarp, pulled it up and started rubbing my feet in the tall grass, hoping to get a random encounter when I overheard the man talking to a police officer. I then ran up to them and shouted "Gimme a Cutiefly!". The officer just folded his arms and gave the man a serious-looking glare. Then I woke up. I don't even know why I wanted a Cutiefly of all things. It seemed so random to me. Wanting a Houndour, Stufful or Mienfoo would make more sense in a case like mine.

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    Usually nightmares about losing shinies
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    When I was watching Pokémon DP, I dreamed Paul was talking to his Pokémon, and said he'd be nicer to them.

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    I think I've had a few Pokémon-themed dreams in the past, but one I vividly remember was when I was playing Pokémon Shuffle and I could clearly see the little Pokémon icons used in that game, even moving them around and everything. I can't remember any others, although I believe I had one about playing Silver again?
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