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Thread: Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dangertrout View Post
    Finally! I'm done breeding our scramble teams!!
    Now I can finally start my Scramble BQ on B2
    Just need to decide if I want to SR the starter or RE something instead
    Go with REing! It'll save you so much time. In fact, I'm officialy quitting Tepig, and I'm going to the Ranch. After more than three months, I'm tired of it.
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    Congrats to all who got a shiny since my last post and congrats to dan on completing your badge quest.

    As for me just an update on my hunts. I've been focussing on my HG BQ hunt and my SR hunt for Latios on B2. My BQ is still going well if slowly. I've now racked up near 74hrs on this hunt making it the longest so far. My BQ hunts are taking longer with each one I do. Previously Growlithe was my longest at around 69hrs. I am hopeful something will shine soon.

    My SR hunt on the other hand I am about to give up on. I've tried SRing Latios 2 previous times and I really don't want to give up on it again but my luck doesn't seem to be with this hunt. Despite working with shiny charm odds I have now gone over 11,000 SRs on this attempt. I stopped counting at that point. Combined with my 2 previous attempts it brings the total to over 16,000. I'm losing motivation on this hunt and fast. Anyway back to it I guess.

    Good luck to everyone on your hunts.
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    I decided to start a secret hunt a little bit ago when my friend gave me her Leafgreen version. Today I got a feeling to soft reset for that a little bit more. After 202 SR for this shiny I got....IMG_20130224_170205_zpsebe465fb.jpg
    I'm so excited!! I've always wanted a shiny Charizard. He has a Naive nature and his stats are Hp: 21 Attack: 11 Defense: 10 Sp. Atk: 13 Sp. Def: 10 Speed: 14
    I'm not quite sure how to figure out the IV's but those are it's current stats at level 6. This was also, by far, my shortest hunt!

    Congrats to all recent shinies and good luck to those still hunting. Keep going strong!
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    Hi everyone! Congrats on all of your shinies! I'm not a shiny hunter but I look in this thread a lot because I'm a fan of shinies and appreciate all of your hard work. It's gotta be rough, but the your trophies are awesome!

    Anyways, I'm doing a random playthrough of LeafGreen to catch Raikou. I was EV training my Krabby in Mt Moon against Paras and came across a shiny one! I was watching Chuggaaconroy and just barely saw it and couldn't believe it haha. I'm only about 9 hours in my game so hopefully I can come across more RE's!

    I actually have another shiny Paras that I EVd and evolved, but that one is a Timid nature and this new one is Serious, so maybe I can have two shinies to hunt Pokémon with, I'm so excited!

    I also forgot to mention how close a catch it was. All I had to go against the LV7 Paras was a LV3 Rattata with Cut...and only one Pokéball in supply. But thanks to switching Gyarados in and out I got lucky! Happy hunting everyone!

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    1050 eggs hatched for Cyndaquil now with Shiny Charm! 2nd hunt mming on White 2 with the charm to go over the odds. Hoping it decides to shine soon!
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    7. Taillow- Dec 24th 2014
    8. Buneary- Dec 26th 2014

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    4.Shiny Yamask-16,772 RE
    5.Shiny Combee(Male)- 19,823 RE
    6. Shiny Zebstrika- 2,025 RE
    7. Shiny Zangoose- 2,582 RE
    8. Shiny Swablu- 12,264 RE

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    Up to around 4,350 REs on Route 32 in my SS. Hopefully I can keep up the consistency this week with my hunting.

    Good luck everyone!

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    Doing a repel trick in black 2 that makes zweilous 33 percent so hopefully i get that. Though druddigon is an awesome shiny too

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    Got my 7th bq shiny, it's elekid. Got it after 3 eggs I got 5 eggs. Was hatching them for static in chargestone cave to make tynamo appear more
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    Took a long time, but I finally have my red Moltres. Unlike its trolling brethren, I neither resorted to the Master Ball no needed to try again. Now I'm trying to get a pink Virizion, and I'm at 4150. Tell me-do chances increase with increasing SRs?
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    Congrats to It is I on Nidoran, goldensteambun on Mareep, dan2point5 on Nidoran, elorasheppard on Squirtle, JAWAYami on Deino, TheEliteEmpoleon on Terrakion, HGaddict on Charmander, TheFonz on Paras, and RedJirachi on Moltres!

    Yesterday I started off strong, having 50 SRs and 200 REs done by 12:30...But then nothing more after that ;_;

    But today, I tripled all of that after work, and got 150 SRs for Piplup and 600 REs in Virbank Complex done. It helped that I was doing something on my computer that required over 2 hours of absolutely no interruption, eliminating pretty much all of my distractions...

    My total now is 2,600 SRs for Piplup and 2,300 REs in Virbank.

    Good luck everyone!
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    Big Congrats to all the newest shinies especially that Moltres RedJirachi!!!!

    Currently at 113 RE's in my White badge quest when i realized u can go into the dreamyard before the first gym, is the Pansear/sage/pour u are given shiny locked???
    I think i would prefer to SR this than a starter because i can go do some RE's if i get bored and actually feel like I'm achieving something :P

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    @RedJirachi - No, chances remain the same.

    @AntoHax1311 - The monkey trio aren't shiny locked so feel free to SR for one if you want. :]
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    Does the country registered in Geonet affects MMing? i used jap ditto, and native zorua, and hatched 1500 eggs, and got nothing, so i give up, then put a native Charmander and the same Jap Ditto, and im on 120 eggs. The Country registered is Philippines, and i have an english Version of White 2. What i do is get egg, walk, and when it hatched, i Release it rightaway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eleiefarozi View Post
    Does the country registered in Geonet affects MMing? i used jap ditto, and native zorua, and hatched 1500 eggs, and got nothing, so i give up, then put a native Charmander and the same Jap Ditto, and im on 120 eggs. The Country registered is Philippines, and i have an english Version of White 2. What i do is get egg, walk, and when it hatched, i Release it rightaway.
    No, just the language of the Pokemon. The lack of shiny Zorua was most likely just bad luck, English + Japanese would give you the decreased odds you'd get from the Masuda Method.

    Congratulations to everyone, by the way. Hoping to get back to Latios soon.

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    Growlithe doesn't like me-1,299 eggs with the charm and MM and nothing. Maybe I'll get Eevee in the four and a half boxes I have left to hatch? I can only hope . Good luck guys as always.

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    So I finally had some time to play Black 2 again. I was wandering around the Castelia Sewers trying to get a Drilbur for my team when I ran into a Timburr. I thought it looked redder than usual, but just figured it was my display. And then I saw dem sparks. Caught the bastard. First shiny in fifth gen!

    Never got that Drilbur though. Meh. I'll live.

    Also, before I went for a few months long hiatus, I chained a bunch of shinies in Diamond (I think it included Sneasel, Phanpy, Stunky, Larvitar, etc.). I got my shiny Phanpy when the chain was only around 14 or so too.

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    I'm going to hunt for a shiny Quagsire, I'm currently on 3,270 random encounters.

    I really want this shiny because it has only 1 weakness. And it kinda looks derpy. :3
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    Currently just simply going through sun and moon, later I will be fixing my living dex and hunt some more shinies!

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    Now @ 12600 SRs for suicune and im really eager to get it soon and i recently started hunting for jhoto starters for cyndaquil now @ 1100/3300 SRs/Starters seen not expecting that anytime soon congrats on recent shinies and good luck guys!
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    I hatched a shiny Chansey with Counter last night, something I've been working on since the original White because I liked the egg move so much in Gen IV. My records say it took 560 eggs, though I've dropped it before, so I'm not sure how long it really took. Once I realized the egg was a shiny, I re-hatched it in a pokemon center, but its birthplace only came out as "Nimbasa City" and I was too excited to check until after I'd saved for real. I'm irritated, but I'll manage. I'm sick of 10k hatch step pokemon, so I'd like to try something easier next, something with a lower hatch count and no egg moves. I strained my wrists on Chansey, so they deserve some rest.

    The IVs are horrible, but I did get a guaranteed Def IV using a Power Belt. It has Serene Grace, thankfully. I'm planning to evolve it into a Blissey. The colors won't be as interesting and I've heard that Chansey does well with Eviolite, but I'm tired of canceling evolution after every level-up. With this, my Skarmory, and a speedy damage dealer, I should be able to field an all-shiny team in the PWT and win.

    Congrats to everyone who SR'ed a shiny legendary. I'm rather envious, but I can't seem to put in the necessary effort. (I even dual SR'ed yesterday).

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEliteEmpoleon View Post
    Go with REing! It'll save you so much time. In fact, I'm officialy quitting Tepig, and I'm going to the Ranch. After more than three months, I'm tired of it.
    Yeah, I think REing is the way to go. I've never been keen on SR hunts.
    I think I'll try REing in Floccosey Ranch for my first BQ shiny. Would be nice to get a Mareep for this month's CH
    Then I'll switch to a route with Sewaddle in March
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    I'm putting that yellow-bellied ground dragon on hold so I can RE hunt in double grass(never got a shiny in a double battle...yet). REing on Route 10, hoping for Bouffalant/Rufflet(or anyone other then Herdier[I hate that whole line...]). For March I think I might hunt at Dreamyard double grass(love shiny Venomoth[Ledian/Kricketune are ok too]). I also have some targets I want to MM for aswell(ffor CH/not for CH...John reminded me I want to add a shiny Blissey to my team...sooner or later XD).

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    My brother was level grinding in Granite Cave in his Emerald nuzlocke and found a shiny Sableye. It looks really cool.

    Also, can you get a shiny from soft resetting in front of a honey tree, or is that already set?

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    Congrats to HGaddict, TheFonz, pmx1, RedJirachi, GoldenHouhou and JohnNiles!

    Up to 12,471 REs in my Route 32 hunt now. Feeling more motivated with the new CH coming up though....been trying to work out what I'm going to go for and how. Originally I thought I'd MM because I am SO sick of REs atm and narrowed it down to Yanma, Venipede, Spinarak or Snivy (I think). But now I'm thinking, if I RE then I could use two DSs at a time.....however, if I do RE then I risk not getting a bug/grass pokemon unless I hunt in a forest. What's everyone else thinking of aiming for?

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    I think I am gonna try for a shiny Scyther, Venonat, Heracross, or Volcarona by MM for the March CH
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    Just defeated Red with my shiny team so I've now finished.

    Think that's gonna be my last shiny hunting for a very long time now. Happy to finish on a BQ after over 2 years of continuous hunts.

    Very best of luck to everyone. Peace out homies.

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