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Thread: Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Team Volt Grunt View Post
    Most of my shiny hunts have been on hold while I play Metroid: Samus Returns. Still SR'ing for Totodile in SS on my DS Lite when not playing Metroid. I haven't exited the game since I started, so my main 3DS is not available for shiny hunting and I try to avoid switching systems if I can help it, so not a lot of shiny hunting has been happening since Friday.

    I collect until I get my shiny or run out of space in my PC, then mass wonder trade and/or mass release everything 5IV or less. I typically don't run out of space in my PC, though, because I move everything but a single box of breeding potentials to Bank on my breeding-dedicated game.

    The PC expands in increments of 8. You get a total of 32 boxes. You only have to have one pokemon in each box, exit the PC and go back into the PC to unlock the next 8.
    Oh I see, thanks for letting me know lol Thank you for correcting my error
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    It's been a while since I last reported. How's everyone doing so far?

    I dropped hunting for a while - I needed to get some things straightened out irl so most of my free time has been spent writing. However I was able to hunt for a shiny Mareep in my 4th gen games. She's quirky natured and I have named her C.C. - short for Cotton Candy.

    Now I did mention a Bulbasaur hunt in my last post here - and that has now come to an end too. But unlike my other hunts this particular one was filmed - and I caught the shiny live on camera!

    I decided to use a fantasy name generator for a nickname and ended up calling him Juonis. He is now a beautiful Venusaur!

    I did have a youtube channel dedicated to hunting a few years back - and the uploads were cringey as hell, so hopefully this is an improvement from my original uploads. :P

    Good luck to everyone hunting so far! Hope to be back with something else soon!
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    Stupid question, but can the Ash Pikachu be shiny or have perfect IVs?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ShinyMimic12 View Post
    Stupid question, but can the Ash Pikachu be shiny or have perfect IVs?
    Like most events it's probably shiny locked.(Does it even have a shiny sprite?) Not sure about the IVs though.

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    *groooooooooooooan* Wonder trading more breejects and I got...

    ...a shiny 6IV kyurem.

    Kyurem (6IV shiny) lvl 100
    Supposedly caught in Unova
    OT: Ash ID No. 01337 (your leet does not impress me, creep)
    Holding a gold bottle cap.

    Peachy. More hacked 'mons.

    Fletchling is being stubborn... 1,475 eggs and counting. There was a pause in which I did collect three boxes of scatterbug eggs for TheMaster327; not sure if any were shiny in my game since I didn't hatch any. Hopefully this stubborn bird surrenders soon.

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