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Thread: Official New and Improved General Shiny Thread

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    Oh that's awesome Hilda! Did you hatch it using masuda method or was it just bom shiny without actually going after it?

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    No Hilda. The baby pokemon CH is in January.

    Now I am at 7,230 REs on Route 203 for my Platinum Badge Quest, 900 SRs for Cyndaquil in my SS Badge Quest and 1,500 REs for Pawniard on Route 9. Well, nothing too surprising on those, apart from the fact that my Platinum Badge Quest is denying me a shiny for now. Still, not over the odds or 20,000 REs like Helio on her HG Badge Quest...who deserves a fair bit of luck like she normally gets.

    Gustavo...quit catching me up xD You'll be over 9,000 REs or in Eterna Forest when you return, guaranteed.

    Congratulations on Ralts, that is a truly large amount of egg-hatching time to get it. Congratulations on all else, especially CoD on the Horsea and Tentacruel double.

    Meanwhile, a rather powerful good luck to Cocoadragon on the oh-so-long overdue Oshawott, who is too stubborn. Gonna race you for a starter after christmas =P

    Good luck to others, including Lunafloon, Gustavo and Master327. I'm not saying Master again, otherwise I will sound like Baldrick apparently XD

    Minus that, happy hunting.
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    Happy Christmas Eve Eve everybody! Congratz on all the shinies!

    I realized, if I don't finish Heatmor by Christmas, I'm left no time to SR Kyurem, meaning I have to carry that into january, thus ruining the CH for me. Well, I'm most into heatmor currently so not so worried... Up to 90 eggs.


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    Hi everyone! I'm new to this thread, but I'm not new to Pokemon, haha ^^
    I've decided to start MM'ing for shinies since I now have the time to. I don't have my shining charm yet though.
    I'm currently MM'ing for a shiny Drifloon on my B2. I've got about 9 boxes filled with eggs, and a few more boxes to go before I start hatching. I really like the colour of shiny Drifloon :3
    I'm kinda hoping that I'll get a shiny Drifloon before Christmas, but since it's my first time MM'ing, I'm not really that worried about when I get it. Hopefully it doesn't take too long XD
    I think I'll participate in the Community Hunt for January. I'm thinking of MM'ing for a shiny Cleffa or Magby or Chingling (I have a lot of baby Pokemon I like :D)

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    Special thanks to Shiny_Wooper for the awesome Ditto trophy.

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    Hey everyone! I am currently still working on my 3rd Eevee. I am currently working on eggs at the moment and am at 800 hatched / 1116 collected. I have been working on this hunt all day to try to make up for lost time. I am hoping to fill up my second 660 batch and then do some REing, but I doubt I will make it to REing tonight.

    Anyways, congrats on the Horsea and Tentacruel, the riolu, and the ralts! (And to anyone who I have missed!) Happy hunting everyone and good luck!!!
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    I guess I should've updated, I've been MM'ing Skitty c:
    Hoping it shines soon, like really.
    My sister got her Shiny Minccino today,
    Pretty happy for her but my drought stinks

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    Well I know this is nothing to be proud of since it's the easiest catch, but I finally got my Unova dex completed and got that Shiny Haxorus. I have terrible luck with shinies when comes to breeding... so this actually made me feel a little better.

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    2,800 Ducklett, and calling it a night... Hopefully one will shine tomorrow, or even Christmas Day!
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    Back in the shiny hunt!

    I originally took a break to IV breed some competitive pokes, and last night got a 'flawless' gastrodon. He's actually got 28-31 IVs in all stats but sp def and speed, both of which have 18 IVs, I think. Obviously this guy's not flawless, but considering that I don't RNG abuse I'm really happy with him. Now I can go back to MMing shinies!

    So my next immediate goal is shiny venomoth.

    And my long term goal is a team full of shiny butterflies/moths. I already have shiny volcarona, lovingly raised from level 1 all the way to level 100. Now all I need is shiny venomoth, butterfree, beautifly, dustox and mothim.
    Venomoth and butterfree shouldn't take overly long, but it's going to be fiendishly difficult to get beautifly, dustox and mothim, because getting those three are really random, and I may get double ups of beautifly/dustox, as well as female burmy. *sigh* now I see why people RNG, but I still refuse to do it. It takes all sense of accomplishment out of the game. It'll probably take me a year to get all those. And by then gen 6 will probably come out, with more moths and butterfly pokes lol.
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    Decided to put off getting my shiny Gible gift until Xmas day. Spent today finishing up Black Tower and EV training my Galvantula. That leaves me three to get EVs sorted out on now before the Gible. Now that I'll have two pseudolegendaries taken care of, I think I'm going to want to get myself Hydreigon, Tyranitar, and Salamence all shining. Eventually I'll add Dragonite to that list, but I think I want to get an Extremespeed one with the Dream World Ability, so I'm going to take my time to try and find a foreign Dream World one first. I think I'll spend the rest of the month working on a shiny Deino via Masuda Method, and switch in my Electivire at the daycare when January rolls around for the Community Hunt.

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    Going to start MMing for a Beldum, Ghastly or Spiritomb... I'll choose it randomly... hope I can still get one tomorrow :P
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    Quick update, as usual because I always leave it till really early in the morning...

    The race to hopefully hatch a shiny Snover before Christmas ends is still going! Hatched 350 so far with no luck, 280 left to hatch! If I don't get it by Christmas I might give it till New Year and move on, or I might give up for now till later and spend the rest of December working on the National Dex. I'm undecided and I hate giving up on hunts, but Snover was initially just something fun for Christmas. I have so many other dreams shinies I still have yet to get, Porygon-Z being the biggest one! Along with Raichu, Lopunny, Rotom, Shaymin and others.

    Congrats to Dylz on Scrafty, Hilda on Riolu and Bluemiracle on female Ralts. Good luck as always on everyones current hunts, I hope to see a few, or maybe many, Christmas and Christmas Eve shinies :3
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    8,500 RE now at Route 14! Hope something comes soon!
    Current Hunts

    Omegaruby Badgequest
    1. Zigzagoon- November 24th, 2014
    2. Makhuita- December 7th, 2014
    3. Oddish- December 7th, 2014
    4. Wurmple- December 14th 2014
    5. Froakie- December 19 2014
    6. Ralts-December 22nd 2014
    7. Taillow- Dec 24th 2014
    8. Buneary- Dec 26th 2014

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    2. Shiny Unkown A
    3. Shiny Nidoran Male
    4. Shiny Spinrak
    5. Shiny Spearow
    6. Shiny Psyduck
    7. Shiny Noctowl
    8. Shiny Diglett

    White 2 Badge Quest- Completed on December 29th 2012!
    1. Shiny Tepig
    2.Shiny Growlithe-7595 RE
    3. Shiny Rattata-4,815 RE
    4.Shiny Yamask-16,772 RE
    5.Shiny Combee(Male)- 19,823 RE
    6. Shiny Zebstrika- 2,025 RE
    7. Shiny Zangoose- 2,582 RE
    8. Shiny Swablu- 12,264 RE

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunafloon View Post
    Who here as ever lost and then reclaimed a shiny?
    Lost an Oddish in Emerald's Safari Zone and a Bibarel in Platinum's Great Marsh. I eventually reclaimed the Oddish and it's now a Vileplume, as for the Bibarel, I ends up getting one from the GTS.

    By the way, I think that question has been asked before, in the old thread

    As for the next month's CH.....I think I'll go with Wynaut/Bonsly/Elekid/Happiny/Tyrogue. Still not sure which one, but it's definitely going to be one of those five.

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    For next month's CH, I'll be doing Smoochum, as I need a Jynx for a competetive team I'm currently concocting.
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    Just want to congratulate everyone who's gotten a shiny lately! Hope those of you over the odds (or nearing there) don't have too hard a time finding your shinies. Good luck everyone!
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    -Caterpie, Metapod (Day; Ilex Forest); Venonat, Girafarig, Flaaffy (Night; Route 43); HeartGold (Route 48): 3,400 REs

    ★Side Shiny hunts★
    -Charmander; HeartGold (Pallet Town): 5,300 SRs
    -Chimchar; Platinum (Route 201): 8,250 SRs

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    AAAAAHHHHHH. I've been hunting literally all day and the pig hasn't sparkled yet. I'm getting annoyed now, after more than 2 and a half weeks of rigorous SRing. I'll keep going for another hour or so, but then I need sleep for Christmas Eve.
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    Stopping at an even 17,000 for the night. Once i finally get a shiny ill participate in the CH by MMing riolu, I've been trying to MM that pup off and on for over a year and a half

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    Still no luck. I was really hoping to have gotten 2 more before Christmas on my BQ, but I still haven't gotten my 2nd shiny yet. Mareep won't shine. Ekans won't shine. Not even Ratatta will shine! I'll take anything at this point. I did another 800 REs today, bringing my totally up to about 11300 REs.

    Luckily for me, tomorrow is my first full day off in months, so I will dedicate myself to this shiny, which will hopefully be Mareep.
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    I don't have that much progress to report of. I've done a few sr's for torchic but I'm still down about that hunt in general. I've spent the past few days at christmas parties and hopefully I'll get in more hunting tomorrow and on christmas.

    I just realized however that I've lost a shiny. I played my Soul Silver for the first time in months and when I tried to search for my shiny eevee so I could train it I couldn't find it. So apparently I must have deleted him by accident (I was trying to get another shiny eevee and all of my boxes save for two were full of them -___-) , which is frustrating to say the least. I'm going to start MM-ing for eevees as soon as one of my other hunts gets completed.

    Anyway congrats on the new shinies and I hope everyone gets lucky!

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    Currently, on 600 random encounters. this is gonna be a lazy day. so I'll try and go to 1.5k I really want something male to shine.
    Currently just simply going through sun and moon, later I will be fixing my living dex and hunt some more shinies!

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    OK i have just reached 800 Random encounters at pinwheel forest outer area on black 2 version. I am hoping something shines soon. Preferably Palpitoad or Yanma but anything will do from this area. If nothing comes by 2.5k then i'll move area.

    Edit - Oh my .... I just after 835 random encounters finally found my shiny palpitoad!! Wow! My 2nd random encounter shiny in black 2 and possibly my last one before Christmas. I've been trying to MM a shiny Tympole for ages on Black and white before Black/white 2 were released and now i don't need to because i have this wonderful pokemon. Yes!
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    Shinies are good.

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    Hey guys I'm hunting for a shiny ice type in the front of Dragonspiral Tower. I don' care what I get I just hope it's an ice type.
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    Welp, over 10k REs at Reversal Mountain. I was hoping to finish this BQ by New Year's but that doesn't look like it will happen but its still possible so who knows! Gratz on the Palpitoad Scrufox! I would love to have a shiny Seismitoad, I'll probably end up MMing one in the future. Good luck everyone and happy holidays!
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    I'm up to 1757 REs on route 32, I made slow progress the last few days due to a Digimon World playthrough that I started. But I think ill get back on track today. I'd love to get a shiny today since ill be getting all sorts of distracting things tomorrow. But I doubt I will.

    Congrats to all the shinies I missed and good luck!

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