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    Default PokeForce

    Watch out, but the clan 'PokeForce' is here.
    This terrifying warriors will battle till the end.
    You will never know when we are around.
    Sneaky like a Gengar, fast like a Scizor, strong like both.
    We are strong warriors, that will survive and battle at any cost.
    So watch out, because we are here, always around.
    Also we can help a lot, we aren't always scary and stuff.
    We can help when it's needed.
    People can be happy with us, but also terrified by us.
    We can be strong, we can be frightening, we can be helpful, we can be friendly, but together, together we are ultimate.
    We always help each other and battle at any cost.
    It's a lot of surviving, but together we will reach the top.

    Our mascottes are Gengar and Scizor.
    Every division is having mascot(tes) too.

    1) No scolding or foul language.
    2) Don't mini-mod (, this means that you aren't allowed to say someone about the rules if they are not listening to the rules), just wait till me or the admins solved the problem(s).
    3) Follow all the rules of Serebii, and respect them.
    4) Also respect this rules from the clan, and follow them.
    5) Never spam, troll, flame, or offend someone.
    6) When you are gone for a while, please say it to me via PM or VM, or post it in this thread.
    7) Uber battles are allowed, but don't give you points! (Only do uberbattles if the other person knows it, so he/she can use ubers too if he/she want, or else, NO UBERS!)
    8) Have fun! ^_^

        Spoiler:- warns/Bans:

    Special Ranks:




    None yet.

    Chapter of Charizard


    Recommended by:
    Battle style (PO/Wifi/Both):
    (If both/PO, what's your PO username):
    Reason(s) for Joining:
    Division (Blue/Yellow/Red):
    Job(s) interested in:

    Extra credits and extra thanks:
        Spoiler:- Credits and extra thanks:

    PM or VM me if you see some errors in this post, or for ideas.
    Or for credits that are missing.
    Also positive feedback is always welcome.

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