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    The Sinnoh Region used to be torn apart. The President's approval rating dipped a bit low. And by a bit low I hope it is understood that less than 15% of the populace approved of his stay in the office. With chaos on the horizon, the President became desperate to recover some sort of likability among the same people who had once elected him into office. However, on a trip to Hearthome City, the inevitable struck.

    A sniper with a fifty-caliber rifle perched himself in the bell tower of the church. With one shot, he tore the President's chest apart, and the Vice President took the stage. He publicly declared that he sympathized with those against the late President's political policies, and took office instantly. Overnight, a massive political revolution occurred, and those of the late President's political party were all imprisoned for crimes against the people. Unfortunately, Eterna City was ravaged and almost completely destroyed by rocket strikes aimed at fugitives taking shelter in the long-abandoned Team Galactic building.

    Although the vast majority of the people loved the new President, one person could simply not wait to leave. The President's eighteen year-old grandson, Thane Derringer, a.k.a. Chiron, disagreed with the brutal method of his grandfather's regime. He packed up his three pokemon, some top-secret documents, his essentials, and thirteen thousand dollars. He sneaked out and made his way to Snowpoint City, where he purchased a ticket on a charter vessel to the Unova region, in order to escape the chaos that had consumed Sinnoh.

    However, a new and vicious organization, Team Archon, has just recently formed. Focused on bringing the radical political ideals of the Sinnoh region to Hoenn and Unova. They are cunning, and will stop at nothing until their extreme politics consume the globe. Just as the shores of Unova come into view, a bomb is detonated on one of the upper decks of the ship. Archon rogues begin to take almost everyone on board as hostages, and steal all of the rare and valuable pokemon from their trainers. The characters escape detection by hiding in a life boat, and then sneaking back on deck topside once the coast is clear of Archon agents. With a small amount of hesitation, they decide to do what they can to stop Team Archon, and save the boat from sinking, and the passengers from their doom.

    Once Chiron and the characters make it to shore, they form a pact to bring down Team Archon at all costs. The characters must use a balanced set of espionage, brute force, sabotage, and public favor in order to crush Team Archon. If a balanced and effective approach is not used, Team Archon will advance and it will become much more difficult to destroy them. If the characters do use effective stratagems, Team Archon will fall back and eventually they will converge at the Sinnoh Region capital, Veilstone City. But before any of that can happen, the characters must first liberate Unova, and then Hoenn. In Unova, Team Archon agents act more like spies and terrorists, hiding in the shadows and using ever-shifting aliases. To liberate Unova, the group must cleanse the government of all Team Archon agents, and prevent a massive attack on the capitol, Opelucid City. In Hoenn, the takeover is much more open and swift. Most towns and cities are under Archon control, and the only way to end it all is to destroy their safehouses, and then raid the capitol, Lilycove City. In this raid, a very dire decision must be made, and once it is made, there is no turning back from the march on Sinnoh...

    -Follow the standard RPG forum rules.

    -You may start out with only two pokemon, preferably not fully evolved. (Two-stage and non-evolving pokemon are excepted. Also, if you have a very good reason for having one, you may have a single fully evolved pokemon from a three stage tree.)

    -If you have a VERY good reason from your character's background, you may have a low-level/first stage pokemon for your third, or an egg. If you choose an egg, you get to choose the type but NOT the pokemon. I will use a randomizer based on type.

    -If you want a talking pokemon, it is NOT going to happen unless you are an outstanding orator, and a very lucky and favorable person. On the other hand, I will allow psychic, dark, and ghost type pokemon to have telepathy. Their telepathy must be limited somehow, e.g. they can't convery speech, but they can convey emotions and urges to anyone. Or vice versa, they can convey speech, but only to one or two people. If someone, somehow gets a Riolu/Lucario, I will allow telepathy even though it is not a ghost, dark or psychic type.


    -Your character may possess small weapons like 5-inch knives and knuckledusters. I will allow swords and pistols 45 caliber or under IF you have a very very very good reason for it. Also, weapons are to NEVER be used against pokemon, ONLY against humans. Intentional maiming or killing of any pokemon is unacceptable. Maiming humans is OK in combat scenarios only, and killing must only be when no other course is available.

    -I am only willing to consider a character bio that I have marked as pending twice before denying it. Also include at least one part about your primary pokemon. Having pokemon with unique and vibrant personalities makes an RP so much more interesting.

    -I REQUIRE 100% proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will not accept a post that lacks any of these qualities. If your English teacher would hate it, I would hate it too.

    Here is the format for submissions:
    Character Name:
    Their two pokemon, the history behind them, and their personalities:
    (Remember that you need a minimum of two hundred words by forum minimum? Yeah. MY MINIMUM is 300.)

    -Final note, I will put up a more detailed character bio for Chiron in the actual RPG forum.

    Have a nice day!
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