Yes, I'll try harder in the future. As for the threats, just typical really powerful sweepers. Genesect, Rock polish or substitue terrakion. Landorus, etc. sub/spore breloom gave me trouble too. But, Alakazam conviently checks all of them. HP the genesect, psyshock terrakion and Breloom and he wont one shot landorus, but Stoutland handles him as long as he lives til Landorus comes out. Along with magic guard alakazam is really a perfect fit. I'm not having trouble with the team really anymore. That 8 win streak is now 15 . I don't seee the team gettin any better than it is, except for the tyranitar. What do you suggest i could do with him? I chose him over Hippowdon cuz as Luciola said, he is a better Special wall. I still wanna keep Stealth rock on him.