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    A lot of people have either misunderstood what the staff contact forum is for or are blatantly disregarding it, so I'm going to make this clear.

    This forum is NOT for:
    -Game help
    -Help with figuring out something on the forum
    -Pointing out something with the website
    -Messages to one specific moderator (unless you are banned)
    -many other things

    This is ONLY for banned users to post questions about their bans or to messages that the entire staff needs to see. If it is for one specific mod or a small group of mods (i.e. for one section), PM them. If it is for site stuff PM Serebii because none of the rest of us deal with that. If it is for game help, go to that specific game's section. If it is for forum help, go to Newbie Lounge. If I see more of these threads I might start deleting them. Stop misusing it because it's really annoying for all of us to have to go through stuff that isn't what we're here for.

    Also, if you are banned posting a thread DO NOT FORGET TO POST YOUR EMAIL!!!!!! If you don't we have no way to contact you back since you can't read pm's or anything while your account is banned. It's completely pointless to post a thread if you're not going to include a method for us to contact you back.

    A similar announcement is also posted in the staff contact forum itself for a month incase you somehow forget.

    I'm going to leave this thread open for now to allow for questions + so people don't automatically ignore it because it's a closed thread, but don't spam here or you will be infracted and you will be sad. Thx.
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    be sure to read the rules of every section before posting ;)
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