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    The Blight of Dragon-Fall

    {Rated 15+, Contains battle and may contain minor swearing.}

    Background Story
    The Dragons of the far-east have broken through Valor Kingdom's defense and brought destruction upon the land of Dragon-Fall. Dragon-Fall's population have abandoned hope of a hero capable of slaying dragons. Unknown to the public however, there is a Guild called Kon, its members are incredibly gifted begins gathered from all across Dragon-Fall and whom dedicated their mortal life to understanding the dragon's of the far-est.

    With Dragon-Fall under-siege from Dragons, the members of Kon decide to battle with them. They are few in numbers but each are incredibly talented in their field of combat. Some wield giant swords into battle and dish out great amounts of damage, whilst others control the astral World around us and use their powers to inflict damage upon the mortals, whatever their skills may be they all have the urge to silence the Dragons and bring peace to Dragon-Fall.

    Dragons of the far-east
    Many years ago, beyond our imaginations lived a World where Dragons ruled the land and sky. Humans, Elves whatever their race, they were shun to the darkness by the mighty Dragon race. The years where the Dragons ruled the mortal World was called Welrym, the Dragon ruler was named Kon-Rush. He was a terrible being, he drove hate into the hearts of the Dragons and forced them to destroy the land they once protected. The World changed however when every race that were shun to the darkness united and battled the Dragons. The war between the races and Dragons took one single century and was ended when a brave hero named Walrus Dawn-Crusher drove a great sword into the heart of Kon-Rush. From there the Dragons lost their fighting spirit and were driven into the far-east land of Plight. After the war ended the races who united in battle created a treaty named "Solomon". Each race leader swore to the Titans that they would never battle with another race and that they would unite their resources to help build a peaceful land and that land was named Dragon-Fall and it remains a symbol to the war veterans that each race once united to help create a better World.

    Your mission
    Dragon-Fall is the land of opportunity, you can simply live a normal life or join Kon guild and battle with the Dragons of the far-east, you decide.

    The Humans are an intelligent race, they are considered the most advanced civilization and thus respected highly. Humans created Valor City , a stronghold which stands at the center of Dragon-Fall. It is Dragon-Fall's greatest stronghold and with over 1 million settlers it is considered the capital of Dragon-Fall.

    The belief that Dragon-Fall was created by Titans are a common belief of many Humans. The Human civilization's view on Titanism remains strong and proud, many believe it's the key to their great development. Their architecture is inspired by artist interpretations of Titans.

    Army Specializations

    A front-line solider whom wield two great swords and heavy armor. They plague the battlefield as an incredible force and are the strongest units within the human army.

    A solider whom wield a great bow, they are considered a support unit and their job is to rain arrows upon their enemies to support front-line soldiers.

    A hero whom wield a short sword and shield. They are considered the "tank" of Human army as they sacrifice their well-being to protect their friends in battle.

    Elves are considered nature's mortal being, they do not strive to control like Giants or do they seek to create great cities like Humans. They are neutral beings and thus the balance of Dragon-Fall. They have one main city that resides within the great tree: Valewood. They are very isolated and they hate interacting with other races.

    Elves were the first Mana users and thus the greatest Mana wielders. Many elves dedicate their mortal life to understanding Mana and they've learnt how to perform great acts of Mana.

    Army Specializations

    Mana Swordsmen
    Mana Swordsmen wield swords enchanted with Mana that represent their being. They are incredible swordsmen and they serve as the Elves front-line.

    Wild Tamer
    Some Elves do not enjoy the company of Mana-wielders and seek salvation within the forests living within an ecosystem. Wild Tamer elves at a young age are sent to tame a creature that represent their aura. They grow with the creature and live with their creature. Some even battle with their creature within Elfish armies. They are an incredible force of destruction when they need to be. When their creature dies so do the Elf dies as the bond connecting the creature and the Elf's soul is broken the Elf's trauma to their soul is too heavy to survive.

    An elf who uses their Mana to heal the wounded, for their healing abilities they are considered an important element within a battlefield. Even Humans have bought some Priests for their army.

    Some elves decide to use their Mana to inflict destruction upon the mortal world. Those Mana wielders of destruction are called Wizards and they're banished from Valewood. As scapegoats, they survive by joining Human and Giant army and offer their services for a price. They are paid well since they have the ability to cast dangerous spells.

    Giants stand at 9ft and are packed with incredible strength. Enough strength to punch a tree down in two hits. Their cities are under-developed just managing to survive well however their army is the strongest in Dragon-Fall. Humans often call Giants: "the sons of the Titans" and have high respect for giants.

    Army Specializations

    Giants don't find it necessary to forge weapons, they use the environment as their armory. Brutes wield tree trunks into the battlefield, crushing everything in there way.

    Brawlers are Giants who specialize in hand to hand combat, their weapons are their hands and their incredible strength. Brawlers usually research and learn many styles of fighting to remain
    effective in battle.

    Character sign up sheet
    When submitting the sign up sheet please do not include the information in the brackets,they are there to help you.

    Racial Birth Towns that you must pick for sign up sheet.

    [Human Birth Towns:]

    Valor City
    You were born and raised within the great city of Valor. You were brought up on fine food and high education because of this you're incredibly intelligent and noble. You do not believe in fighting and try to evade any conflict. Because of your exposure to a high quality of life, you have a low view on other races and men/women from other cities.

    Oak Vale
    Brought up in the fields of Oak Vale, you've learnt the beauty that life can offer you. Any chance of an adventure and you're off, nothing can hold you back. You've fought with dangerous animals and explored deep and dark caverns, because of this you're very skilled at combat and very resourceful with your equipment.

    Haven shire
    The streets of Haven shire are filled with danger, ever turn you take you will encounter danger. You're lived a rough life but because of this you're incredibly tough. You are feared by ordinary people because of your strength, however you are not a bad person, you fight only to help and survive.

    [Giant Home Towns:]

    The capital city of Giants, it is a place where Giants come to trade and to train a profession. Because of this you're skilled at trading, managing to persuade others easily.

    SwordTop Mountain
    The city of isolation, because the city is built on-top of a mountain the city never is visited by outsiders. Because of this you're very in touch with your race's culture and practice the ways of your ancestors. You're incredibly resilient to Mana and incredibly strong, in-fact you're twice the strength of an average Giant born in Natoka.


    You're a proud elf from the great elf city of Valewood. You were brought up to respect nature and to keep a balance within the ecosystem. You were raised with knowledge of Mana and it's because of that knowledge that you are incredibly gifted with Mana, greater than the common Elf.

    You were born in the wild and you were raised in the wild. You do not have family nor any bond towards other Elves, you do however have a strong connection towards animals and the Forest. Because of this you're very resourceful and usually win battles that are placed in forests.

    [You can only pick two professions form the list below! They can not be changed!]

    -Blacksmith: Able to use forge to create weapons and heavy armor.
    -Tailor: Able to create/repair clothing.
    -Bounty Hunter: Able to hunt convicts for a bounty.
    -Monster Hunter: Able to hunt monsters for a living.
    -Trader: Able to trade goods between cities and towns to make gold.
    -Camper: Able to create camp fires and create traps.

    [Your starting place will be near Kon Guild, you can describe the location you are in when we start RP]

    [Pick from the following: Human, Elf, Giant]
    [Pick what gender your character will be]
    [Any name you desire, however please choose a name that is inspired by fiction]
    [Optional, but if you have one you can inform people to call you by your nickname]
    Birth Town:
    [You can only pick one from the list above, remember your Birth Town will contribute to your character's personality]
    Combat Specialization:
    [Humans: Berserker, Bowmaster, Templar.]
    [Elf: Mana Swordsmen, Wild Tamer, Priest, Wizard]
    [Giant: Brute, Brawler]
    Mana Type:
    [Ignore if you're not an Elf.]
    [There are four types of Mana to pick from: Water, Flame, Astral, Earth.]
    Astral Creature Name:
    [Ignore if you're not an Elf]
    [You can make up any beast name you want]
    Astral Creature Appearance:
    [Ignore if you're not an Elf]
    [Describe your Astral Creature's appearance]
    [Describe your character's personality]
    [Describe your character's appearance]
    1st Profession:
    [Pick your main profession]
    2nd Profession:
    [Pick your 2nd Profession]

    My Sign-Up:

    Race: Giant

    Gender: Male

    Name: Mokagin

    Nickname: Skye-Luster

    Birth Town: SwordTop Mountain

    Combat Specialization: Brawler

    Personality: Mokagin is a Giant who likes his own privacy. He does not choose to make friends or interact with others, however when there is a situation arising Mokagin will be willing to offer his help. Despite his fondness of his privacy, Mokagin enjoys the company of his close friends and family. He has a very warm heart but as the same time he is striking powerful. His nickname stems from his Brawler combat style, his signature move is to uppercut foes into the sky hence the name "Skye-Luster".

    Back-Story: Mokagin was born within a small densely populated village on the peak of SwordTop Mountain. He was raised not only by his parents and older sibling but the kind villagers as-well. Since a young age Mokagin was renown for his powerful Brawler style, whenever there was a village fighting event Mokagin would always come first. His fighting style was not only powerful but he was able to remain calm during the battle and more then often that'd always win him the fight. He created this Brawling style by observing Makatop creatures. He'd observe them for hours on end as they hunted other wild animals calmly.

    On his 20th birthday, Mokagin's father caught an illness which rendered him powerless. The illness eventually spread to other village elders and became a problem within the village. Without a cure the village elders would die, Mokagin took it upon himself to visit Valor City in search of a cure. He found a cure within Valor City, but he was forced to battle to cover his expense. He managed to reach the semi-finals of the tournament but was defeated. Desperate for a cure he begged the royal family whom attended the tournament for the cure. Giants do not understand how developed civilizations work and
    was beaten for his ignorance.

    He returned to SnowTop Mountain and discovered that his father has past into the astral world. From there he developed a hatred for Humans for their cruelty against his plight. With the death of his father, Mokagin left SnowTop Mountain in search of wealth so that one day he may be able to help the villagers of his birth town.

    Whilst traveling across Palaron Plains, Mokagin was discovered by a mercenary group.Since Mokagin is a giant they quickly in-listed him to join.Mokagin didn't want to fight for his own selfish needs however and declined the mercenary offer. The mercenary told Mokagin of "Kon", they are currently looking for members to help battle Dragons of the far-east, in return they'd reward him by making his single request become a reality...

    Appearance: Mokagin is incredibly tall in-fact his taller than the average giant standing at a whooping 9 ft 6. Since Giant clothing are hard to find, Mokagin wears a thick dark blue cloak with markings detailing the bottom of his cloak. Underneath his cloak he wears a bright yellow tribal top decorated with spirals across the middle of his top and thick long dark brown leggings. Mokagin has small piercing brown eyes and a long rectangle face. His race is detailed with markings of his tribe symbol: the spiral. He has thick bushy eyebrows and short deep black hair spiking up towards the sky. His fists are covered in bruises and cuts, it's a sign of experience as it explains the story of hundreds of fights.

    1st Profession: Camper

    2nd Profession: Trader



    1. Respect and standard Serebii Forum rules apply.
    2. Swearing is allow but to a limited extent, for an example I don't want to see a swear word in every single sentence of your paragraph.
    3. You are allowed only two professions, you can not use another profession if that is not the profession you applied for in sign-up.
    4. If you've been in-active for two weeks then your character is deleted.
    5. No overpowered fights, if you do battle with another person keep it fare.
    6. No whining if you lost in a battle.


    Quest Board:
    Quest sign ups begin on Monday and finish Wednesday. There will be four places for a quest that members can sign up to. On Thursday (one day after quest sign-ups are finished) the quest will begin and every member signed up will be faced with a challenge that they must overcome using team power. Sunday is when a quest is finished, if the party is unable to complete the quest by Sunday, then they're rewarded nothing and warped back to Kon Guild base. If they complete the quest by Sunday then they are rewarded with Quest Points and gold according to the quest level. A new quest will be posted on Monday and sign-up for that quest will begin. Remember that there are limited places for the quest and it's first come first serve.

    Quest Point Reward Table:
    [If you enough Quest points then pick an item you want and it'll be delivered to you]

    10 QP - Bunny (Bunny rabbit pet)
    10 QP - Fox (Fox pet)
    10 QP - Strength Potion (Increases your maximum strength)
    10 QP - Mana Potion (Increases your Mana power)
    20 QP - White Hamster (White Hamster pet)
    20 QP - Baby Brown-Cat (Baby Brown-Cat pet)
    20 QP - Fluffy Cat (Fluffy Cat pet)
    50 QP - King Great sword (A powerful and legendary sword)
    50 QP - Baby Dragon egg (A Dragon egg that will hatch in 5 days after bought)
    100 QP - Adult Azure Dragon (A giant adult azure dragon pet capable of flight)
    100 QP - Adult Bone Dragon (An adult bone Dragon pet capable of flight)
    1000 QP - Village Deed (You can build a village with this deed)
    5000 QP - Kingdom Deed (You can build a Kingdom with this deed)
    10,000 QP - Country Deed (You can build a Country with this deed)
    20,000 QP - Dragon Transformation Potion (Transforms you into a dragon of the far-east, the transformation allows you to switch begin your normal form and Dragon form, whilst in Dragon form you'll be able to execute Dragon skills and other abilites available to Dragons such as flight).
    50,000 QP - Dragon Ryder Set (A set of incredibly powerful armor and weapons made from dragon scales)
    100,000 QP - Country travel Ticket (Able to teleport between Dragon-Fall and Linacus country without ship ride)

    Current player QP list:


    Pets are creatures that share an emotional bond with you, they're loyal and helpful. They'll follow you wherever you go and offer assistance when they can. Some pets are capable of flight, that means you'll be able to flight to any city/town/village/kingdom in Dragon-Fall.
    Once you've bought a pet you must fill out this form:

    Pet Name:
    [name your newly bought pet]
    Pet Species:
    [what species is your pet?]
    Pet Age:
    [how old is your pet?]
    Pet Combat:
    [Describe your pet's offense, for example it's weapons and fighting style which you can make up]

    Dragon-Fall Country
    [You can only explore these places within Dragon-Fall currently]

    List of Villages in Dragon-Fall
    [Each city has a trade posts so you can trade with players there]
    -Oak Vale
    -Haven Shire
    -Snow Peak
    -Black Harbor
    -SwordTop Mountain

    List of Cities in Dragon-Fall
    -Valor City
    -Black Rock

    List of Dungeons in Dragon-Fall
    [Exploring dungeons may offer rare rewards]
    -Black Caverns
    -Lerk-Back Mountain
    -Gold Chain Temple
    -Dawn-Break Cliff
    -Dragon Reach
    -Wayward Cavern

    List of fields in Dragon-Fall
    -The Hylands
    -Wyvern Field
    -Black luster plains

    Linacus Country

    List of cities
    List of Dungeons
    -Black autumn hill

    Callas Way
    [Only route for travelling between countries other than flying mount or Country travel ticket.

    Travel between Country
    To travel between countries the player must take "Callas Way", if a player travels down Callas Way it'll take 1 real life week/7 days to reach the desired country. Whilst traveling down Callas Way they can role-play their adventure.
    An alternative travel route is mount flying, flying on a mount between countries will take 2 days in total, again the player can role-play their adventure.
    A final travel alternative is to use a Country travel ticket available in Guild Shop for 100,000 GP, once activated the player will instantly warp between countries, arriving at Valor City if you warped to Dragon-Fall and Asylum if you warped for Linacus. The item has no cool down and will not be destroyed after use.
    Market Place:
    Cities with market place:
    -Valor City

    Market Place description:
    Market place are available in two main cities currently. Market Places are areas where people can trade with NPCs and each other, each Market Place will have it's set prices for items for example, Valor City may have a Transformation potion selling for 1000 Gold whilst Elsyon may sell Transformation potion for 800 Gold.

    Political System
    Throughout your journey within Dragon-fall you may begin to feel that you can personally make an impact on the country, well with politcial system you can become King of Dragon-Fall. Whilst king you can adjust market place prices, change city names/how the city is run, create new cities, create tax and many other features.

    How to become King of Dragon-Fall
    On the first day on a new month there will be an election for King, players whom wish to be King will have to fill out an application for King giving a detailed reason for why you wish to become King and what changes you'll make to Dragon-Fall. Players who didn't sign up for King will have to post who they'd like to become King of Dragon-Fall. Once the votes have been counted, the one with the highest votes will become King of Dragon-Fall, simple as that.

    King Benefits
    Kings in a sense become "Moderators", they gain special abilities to edit the game's features. They'll receive a King Title banner to place in their signature via P.M, they'll be able to edit cities, create tax, adjust market prices, create new cities or destroy old cities and many other features. They'll receive 1,000,000 Gold as a king welcome gift that they can spend on Dragon-Fall. Every idea that the King wishes to execute will cost a large sum of gold, this means King must have friends who can help him gather gold to spend.

    Choices available to King
    1,000,000 Gold - Buy Village
    500,000 Gold - Edit city name
    300,000 Gold - Buy new Market Place
    100,000 Gold - Create PvP arena
    10,000,000 Gold - Buy City
    100,000,000 Gold - Buy Country
    1,000,000,000 Gold - Buy new class
    1,000,000,000 Gold - Discover new race
    100,000 Gold - Edit Market Place Prices
    0 Gold - Create Tax
    2,000,000 Gold - Expand City houses [3 Homes]
    5,000,000 Gold - Expand City houses [7 Homes]
    1,000,000,000,000,000 Gold - Improve city to Modern Era.
    1,000,000 Gold - Destroy City/village
    100,000,000 Gold - Create new pets [10 pets]
    100,000,000 Gold - Create new weapons [10 weapon ideas]
    100,000,000 Gold - Create new armor [10 armor ideas]
    100,000,000 Gold - Research new magic [10 magic spell ideas]

    King Application
    (After the game is released; King applications will be available)

    Current Sign-up list: (Sign Up ends 31st December) Only 13 spots left.

    1. Bacon Man.
    2. TheSketchQueen
    3.(Reserved for Krazy95)
    4. TheJehan
    5.(Reserved for SpyroxPikachu)
    6. Chili
    7.(Reserved for Victinifan100)
    8.(Reserved for ImAnOKIE12)
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