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Thread: Who's the Best? #'s 1-151

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    Post Who's the Best? #'s 1-151

    You can add two points and take away three in total every post. Only post nice a day. Put the list in a spoiler to avoid clutter.
        Spoiler:- List:

    Note: copy the above persons list and add/subtract from that list. Please only do this once a day. Also, I had posted this in the wrong section before. Sorry mods! Also not: you can add to different Pokémon, as well as subtract.
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    Bulbasaur (Pokémon)10
    Ivysaur (Pokémon)10
    Venusaur (Pokémon)10
    Charmander (Pokémon)10
    Charmeleon (Pokémon)10
    Charizard (Pokémon)10
    Squirtle (Pokémon)10
    Wartortle (Pokémon)10
    Blastoise (Pokémon)10
    Caterpie (Pokémon)10
    Metapod (Pokémon)10
    Butterfree (Pokémon)10
    Weedle (Pokémon)10
    Kakuna (Pokémon)10
    Beedrill (Pokémon)10
    Pidgey (Pokémon)10
    Pidgeotto (Pokémon)10
    Pidgeot (Pokémon)10
    Rattata (Pokémon)10
    Raticate (Pokémon)10
    Spearow (Pokémon)10
    Fearow (Pokémon)10
    Ekans (Pokémon)10
    Arbok (Pokémon)10
    Pikachu (Pokémon)10
    Raichu (Pokémon)10
    Sandshrew (Pokémon)10
    Sandslash (Pokémon)10
    Nidoran♀ (Pokémon)10
    Nidorina (Pokémon)10
    Nidoqueen (Pokémon)10
    Nidoran♂ (Pokémon)10
    Nidorino (Pokémon)10
    Nidoking (Pokémon)10
    Clefairy (Pokémon)10
    Clefable (Pokémon)10
    Vulpix (Pokémon)10
    Ninetales (Pokémon)10
    Jigglypuff (Pokémon)10
    Wigglytuff (Pokémon)10
    Zubat (Pokémon)10
    Golbat (Pokémon)10
    Oddish (Pokémon)10
    Gloom (Pokémon)10
    Vileplume (Pokémon)10
    Paras (Pokémon)10
    Parasect (Pokémon)10
    Venonat (Pokémon)10
    Venomoth (Pokémon)10
    Diglett (Pokémon)10
    Dugtrio (Pokémon)10
    Meowth (Pokémon)10
    Persian (Pokémon)10
    Psyduck (Pokémon)10
    Golduck (Pokémon)10
    Mankey (Pokémon)10
    Primeape (Pokémon)10
    Growlithe (Pokémon)10
    Arcanine (Pokémon)10
    Poliwag (Pokémon)10
    Poliwhirl (Pokémon)10
    Poliwrath (Pokémon)10
    Abra (Pokémon)10
    Kadabra (Pokémon)10
    Alakazam (Pokémon)10
    Machop (Pokémon)10
    Machoke (Pokémon)10
    Machamp (Pokémon)10
    Bellsprout (Pokémon)10
    Weepinbell (Pokémon)10
    Victreebel (Pokémon)10
    Tentacool (Pokémon)10
    Tentacruel (Pokémon)10
    Geodude (Pokémon)10
    Graveler (Pokémon)10
    Golem (Pokémon)10
    Ponyta (Pokémon)10
    Rapidash (Pokémon)10
    Slowpoke (Pokémon)10
    Slowbro (Pokémon)10
    Magnemite (Pokémon)10
    Magneton (Pokémon)10
    Farfetch'd (Pokémon)10
    Doduo (Pokémon)10
    Dodrio (Pokémon)10
    Seel (Pokémon)10
    Dewgong (Pokémon)10
    Grimer (Pokémon)10
    Muk (Pokémon)10
    Shellder (Pokémon)10
    Cloyster (Pokémon)10
    Gastly (Pokémon)10
    Haunter (Pokémon)10
    Gengar (Pokémon)10
    Onix (Pokémon)10
    Drowzee (Pokémon)10
    Hypno (Pokémon)10
    Krabby (Pokémon)10
    Kingler (Pokémon)10
    Voltorb (Pokémon)10
    Electrode (Pokémon)10
    Exeggcute (Pokémon)10
    Exeggutor (Pokémon)10
    Cubone (Pokémon)10
    Marowak (Pokémon)10
    Hitmonlee (Pokémon)10
    Hitmonchan (Pokémon)10
    Lickitung (Pokémon)12
    Koffing (Pokémon)10
    Weezing (Pokémon)10
    Rhyhorn (Pokémon)10
    Rhydon (Pokémon)10
    Chansey (Pokémon)10
    Tangela (Pokémon)10
    Kangaskhan (Pokémon)10
    Horsea (Pokémon)10
    Seadra (Pokémon)10
    Goldeen (Pokémon)10
    Seaking (Pokémon)10
    Staryu (Pokémon)10
    Starmie (Pokémon)10
    Mr. Mime (Pokémon)10
    Scyther (Pokémon)10
    Jynx (Pokémon)10
    Electabuzz (Pokémon)10
    Magmar (Pokémon)10
    Pinsir (Pokémon)10
    Tauros (Pokémon)10
    Magikarp (Pokémon)10
    Gyarados (Pokémon)10
    Lapras (Pokémon)10
    Ditto (Pokémon)10
    Eevee (Pokémon)10
    Vaporeon (Pokémon)10
    Jolteon (Pokémon)10
    Flareon (Pokémon)10
    Porygon (Pokémon)10
    Omanyte (Pokémon)10
    Omastar (Pokémon)10
    Kabuto (Pokémon)10
    Kabutops (Pokémon)10
    Aerodactyl (Pokémon)10
    Snorlax (Pokémon)10
    Articuno (Pokémon)10
    Zapdos (Pokémon)10
    Moltres (Pokémon)10
    Dratini (Pokémon)10
    Dragonair (Pokémon)12
    Dragonite (Pokémon)10
    Mewtwo (Pokémon)4
    Mew (Pokémon)10
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