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Unfortunately I'm bad at writing backstories, so I'll put in what I have now and work on the rest tonight and put it in tomorrow.

Name and Last Name: Mila Vom Stein
Hero or Villain: Villain
Super Hero/Villain Alias: Ore (pronounced Oh-ruh, from the Latin Ablative case for Bone)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Description: Despite her German heritage, she appears to be a younger woman of Asian decent. Standing at 5'9 and only weighing about 135 pounds (when she's not messing around with her bone density), she is a frail-looking young woman, with black hair that she keeps back in a bun behind her head with two ivory chopsticks. Her eyes are grey, which is itself a rarity. Her skin is usually very pale because it is constantly being regenerated, with only a few scars from her earlier training still remaining visible on her hands, forearms, and on her left collarbone, all small circles about the diameter of the bones in their respective areas. She almost always wears non-restrictive clothing, as it would get torn in battle because of her power.
Personality: Mila is a very cold hearted individual. Because her power causes her pain as a side effect, it has dulled her to emotions as a whole, leaving only rage and anger behind. While she embraces her powers and uses them frequently, she is usually quick to point out that she has limits. She prefers to work in a team compared to working alone, as her past experiences have proven that a lone villain is usually a dead villain. She has a pretty heavy dependency on painkillers because she's been using them for the past 7 years as a way to ease the pain caused by her powers, and could possibly be bribed to do anything if a particularly powerful painkiller or a large quantity were to be offerred to her. She tends to be less of a thinker, and prefers to fight with brute force, as shown by her extensive use of bludgeoning weapons when using her bone-constructed weapons.
Background/History: She was born to a German father and a Taiwanese mother, which explains her Asian appearance yet clearly Western attitude and demeanor. When Mila was born, she was born with an advanced form of osteoporosis which was disintegrating her bone mass, despite all conventional medical treatments to try and stave off the process as soon as possible. Due to the intense pain she was usually under, she led a secluded life, often alone or accompanied by parents and medical staff. She lived in Germany for 10 years before her father, a medical researcher, moved to Jump City for his research work. Despite having gotten his doctorate equivalent in neuroscience, when his daughter had been born he went back through his studies to study through the field of orthopedics in order to try and help his daughter. It took several years of research, to the point where Mila was 13 at the time, but he believed he had found a type of medicine which would at least accelerate Mila's bone growth rate to at least negate the disintegration. It had passed through the standards of animal testing, and even other human test subjects had experienced positive results. So nothing could go wrong, right?

Cue the allergic reaction, which did what Mila's father had set out to do, namely stop her bones from disintegrating. However, the adverse effect was that her bones were now growing at impossible rates, often puncturing her skin when there was nowhere else for the bone tissue to grow. The experience was so painful for Mila that she was sedated heavily so that for most of the time between 13 and 14 years old, she was either unconscious, or barely conscious enough to understand what was going on. This was when it was discovered by further medical examination that she could be able to control her bone growth if she wanted to. With this in mind she was sent with painkillers to keep her as sane as possible, to a martial arts teacher, who initially taught her to seek inner peace with techniques with tai-chi, though once Mila found out that she was also able to create basic constructs, she took up fencing as well as fighting lessons in various martial arts to keep herself mentally disciplined as well as explore the way she could use her powers.

Eventually she was able to live a fairly normal life. She was considered by many of her friends to be fairly depressive or irate compared to a normal individual, but this was the only problem which plagued her daily life. However, the Apocalypse coming down on Jump City was the horrifying experience that finally twisted her into the dark person she now is. Because of the eventual collapse of general daily life things that tend to happen with evil masterminds attempting to take over a metropolitan area, it became increasingly difficult for her to find that painkillers required to keep her powers in check. Over time she grew to be a twisted woman, craving anything that can abate the pain of her powers being used, which is her current connection to the villainous organization. Though she often works alone in her operations, she has accepted that her true self lies within the band of villains now in control over The City of the Shadows.

Superpower(s)/Special Abilities/Etc: Broadly described, Osteokinesis; being the power to manipulate the structure, growth rate, density, and similar characteristics of bones within her own body, as well as the bones in others, though with limited effect.

Within her own body, she can grow her own bones into any size and shape she can think of, as well as change the density of the bones as well. This allows her to "grow" weapons made of her own bones from her own limbs, including basic projectiles such as spikes and "bullets" which are extruded at sub-sonic speeds from her body. She can also form basic constructs out of her bones, though larger constructs are more difficult, as they require more material which is essentially her own skeleton. Her most common weapons which she uses tend to be bludgeoning weapons, such as large hammers, clubs, or even large shields with which she can bash other people. While she is proficient enough to make and use swords with ease, it isn't as effective as her standard choices.

To supplement this, she has a very high regeneration rate from most wounds, provided that a foreign physical object doesn't remain within the wound itself, such as a bullet or a needle. This allows her to almost instantly regenerate any amounts of bone tissue that she loses from her own devices, as well as any damage sustained to her by enemies. However, regenerating her bone structure takes a small toll on her total energy, and so she functions as if she had a very high metabolism, needing to eat much more than one would assume for a normal human of her height and weight.

In others, she can only manipulate the actual structure of the existing bone (i.e forcing someone's upper arm to break, tearing fingers off at the knuckles) if she can maintain physical contact for at least a minute. While her main focus with this skill is destructive, she can also use it to provide a temporary fix to potential bone fractures in allies by lining the bones up properly.

The main downside is that whenever she does remove bones from her body, it usually involves breaking the skin at the exit point, which is still fairly painful for her, despite her ability to heal the wound almost immediately. To combat this she relies on painkillers as much as possible without clouding her senses, though this only works to an extent.

Species: N/A
Member of the Renegades: No
If yes to the above, then list your position or duties if you have any: (Military-type Rank, and/or how you usually spend your time)
If yes to the previous two, then do you want to be mutated, if starting out as a human member of the Renegades? (Yes or No)
If not a member, were you planning to join? (For people who show interest, but are not members yet. Does not apply to Villains or evil aligned civilians)

List your job, designation, position, or duties in the Villain community: Due to her simple bone-setting abilities, she can be called upon as a proxy medic, although her powers only effect bones. Her preference to go into straight up fights often gets her sent into the front lines of battle. She generally doesn't give advice or strategic information to any of her superiors, as she is usually busy trying to locate a source of painkillers to use on herself.
Roleplay Sample:

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Looks great so far, CF. I mean evil, actually. Please continue, and a Sample would be nice. Although since you're from FB I dunno if it's right of me to ask for one. I'm honored to have people from FB here.

Remember people, touching this character is a bad idea for good guys. Makes me glad Star is almost completely long range.

I was going for something along those lines. Glad I got my point across.