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Thread: Teen Titans: Future Imperfect SU (Little TT knowlege needed to participate)

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    No, I was going to have Klarian the witch boy as my character, but I decided to have fate instead. (I was going to have it that klarian put the mask on and somehow the mask came off, thus freeing him)

    As to the accuracy....I have no clue. I am just going by the Tv show young justice, in that one, yes he does posses a host. I changed a few things because that show has very little info on him and that was the only place ive seen him in. In the show the mask and the person were seperate people but fate trusted that he would put the mask back on again.

    Sure ill edit my post, and I guess ill reserve a villan spot for klarian (if fate eventually gets accepted, I would like klarian to come in eventually(even if it takes a while))

    sorry about this atrocity of a post, im on my kindle right now.

    EDIT: this is from Dr. fates wiki page:

    Doctor Fate appears in the Young Justice animated series. He first appears in the episode "Denial", with Kent Nelson voiced by Edward Asner and Nabu voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson. Kent Nelson is described by Red Tornado as being 106-years old & a founding member of the Justice Society of America. In the episode, Kent is kidnapped by Klarion the Witch Boy and Abra Kadabra (both of whom seek to steal the Helmet of Fate). While using the helmet's powers to protect himself, Kent tells Wally to believe in magic before he passes away. After Nelson's death, Wally West briefly dons the helmet and becomes Doctor Fate, his consciousness watching from inside the helmet along with Kent's, while Nabu possesses his body to defeat Klarion and Abra Kadabra. Though Kent states that he wishes to ascend to Heaven in order to be with his deceased wife Inza, he ultimately chooses to remain inside the helmet until Wally can find a worthy successor host for Nabu. Also in the episode, as an in-joke, Aqualad refers to Doctor Fate as "Earth's Sorcerer Supreme" (a title traditionally attributed to Marvel Comics's resident sorcerer Doctor Strange). In "Revelation", Aqualad puts on the Helmet of Fate as a last resort to defeat the Injustice League. Nabu then fights Wotan, Doctor Fate's traditional archenemy, before the arrival of the Justice League puts an end to the battle once and for all. Though Wally fears that Nabu will force him to be his host forever, Aqualad is released shortly thereafter, crediting Kent Nelson with convincing Nabu to let him go (just as he did for Wally in "Denial"). In the episode "Misplaced," Klarion, with the help of a team of evil sorcerers, splits the Earth into two dimensions; one containing adults and the other children. Zatanna is forced to don the helmet in order to defeat Klarion. However, once the two worlds merge back together, Zatara then offers to become Nabu's new host in order to free his daughter, becoming the new Doctor Fate. Nabu reveals that he has released Kent's spirit and as such, he will no longer intervene for those trapped in the helmet.
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