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Shen, dude, good to see you! Ok I haven't looked over this fully yet, but I gotta say I can't allow Terra being killed off. Put her in an ICU like Nightwing, but no killing her. Delta mentioned wanting to play her at one point, even. You don't need a Sample since we've written together enough in the past and yes, the history is like a Sample already, but I can't allow Terra being killed off. Sorry man.
Oi, I worked so hard to make sure no one mentioned Terra in the darn SU thread, seems I needed to search more, heh...That's too bad. Well, isn't it possible to assume that Argil only thought she died and he ran before she was alive (prompting me to remove her burial)? Or better yet, that her being buried in the earth would actually REVIVE her, being affiliated with Earth powers, after all? That might actually make a wonderful plot point if Delta can work it right.