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Thread: Teen Titans: Future Imperfect SU (Little TT knowlege needed to participate)

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    Alright, time for Sign-up Number 2!

    Name: Rachel Roth

    Hero or Villan: Hero

    Superhero/Villan Alias: Raven

    Age: 26

    Gender: Female

    Description: Raven is still somewhat short, only reaching 5'7, but she has grown as she aged. She has gray skin, purple hair, and blueish-gray eyes. Her hair is longer than it was in her teens, almost waist length, but its usually hiden under her super-outfit. She is still slim as well. On her forehead is a small, red, diamond shaped gem.
    She lacks an actual "civillian outfit", but in a pinch, she can use her powers to alter her appearance slightly. She changes her skin color to a pale white, but tan enough to be beliveable. Her hair changes to black as well. Her cloths are very gothic. A black shirt underneath an even blacker sweatshirt, dark jeans, and high boots. She usually keeps her hood up in this look, to keep people from recognizing her and to make her look more unaproachable.
    Her hero outfit is more or less the same, only white instead of purple. She wears a white leotard, underneath a long cape/hood. The hood has a small point at the front, similar to a bird beak, which helps to hide her features when its up. Her cape/hood is held together by a small red gem, surrounded by a gold frame. Around her hips she wears a loose belt, with gems similar to the one on her cloak. On her feet she wears large, white boots.

    Personality: Raven is still dark and quiet. She is very reserved, saving her words and emotions only for when they are completly nessecery. However, due to a major memory loss, she is slightly, just slightly, more upbeat than she was as a teenager. She dosen't care for much things, ignoring things that she deems unimportant, but she cares deeply for the original Titans, whom she holds in her heart as her family. However, with emotion based powers, she has to remain calm at almost all times, least she loose control of her abilities. She is distant from people she dosen't know, and can appear as very negative, pessimistic, and anti-social.
    She has close ties with a few select people, namely the Titans. While she holds them all close in her heart, she is annoyed by Beastboy and Cyborg, respects robin, and puts up with Starfires gleefulness. This is often why she would spend her days holed up in her room, away from the others. She preferred her piece and quiet, especially when dealing with the occasional taunts from her father. She enjoys reading, mainly due to the escape it provides from her life. She always fears the day her father will attempt to return. This was one reason she avoided contact with people. The fewer she knew, the less guilt she may face in the future.
    Raven is also very untrusting. She only trusts the original titans because of the time they spent together. All other need to earn her trust and respect, including Fossil. The only reasons she is following him are because he said he could lead her to Starfire, and because she confident she can beat him if its a trap.

    Raven met the Teen Titans, Robin, Cyborg, Beastboy, and Starfire, long ago, when she was 16. After defeating a small alien a invasion, they decided to keep in touch. They eventually formed the Teen Titans, a small group of heros dedicated to keeping their city safe. Together they faced many trials, had their faiths, ideals, and friendships questioned, but in the end, always came out victorious. Some of Ravens biggest acheivments were her lack of trust from Malchoir, her rise against her father, Trigon, and her acceptance of new titans. She lived and fought with the titans for many years, until the tragedy that was Shade appeared. She managed to save the other titans from the fight, faking their deaths, and escape. However, because Robins location was too precious to fall into the wrong hands, she had her mind erased of that information. Afterwards, she went into hiding, sure that she would never again be forced to fight.

    After Raven had her memories of Robins location erased, she had fled into the city to go into hiding. She got a cheap rent in the outskirts of the city, and gained a low-pay job as a telemarketer. She also had a gofer of sorts bring her food and other supplies. She has lived this way for years, never venturing out, never focusing on whats going on in the outside world.
    Then all hell broke through in her little world. One day, a large, green object crashed through the walls of her apartment. The object was Fossil, in the form of Minmi, a small ankylosaur. He had been thrown through several walls by the villan known as Mammoth. In fact, Mammoth had thrown him through two entire buildings, before he had finally crashed into Ravens room. Mammoth crawled through the hole, ignoring Raven's civillian drab. Heres where Fossil lucked out. The minmi's blueish-green coloring mad Raven mistake him for Beast Boy. Believing her friend was in trouble, she thoroughly trashed Mammoth.
    After the fight, she returned to find Fossil, in human form, shocked at what happened. She quickly pinned him and questioned who he was and where Beast Boy was. After a breif chat, Fossil convinced her to come back to the Renegades with him. She hesitantly agreed, only for the chance to see Starfire again. They are currently making their way back to one of the many Renegades secret entrances.

    Powers: Raven can empathatically sense the feelings and emotions of people around her. She can also heal people and recue pain using this method. She cannot heal extreme injuries, however, and is restricted to simple things such as sprained, pulled, or torn muscles, greenstick bone fractures, and lesser injuries.
    Her most used ability is a form of telepathy called astral projection. With this she can project shapes and forms for attack of defense. For example, she can create sheilds made of shadow energy for protection, or project the form of a raven to attack. That specific raven form can transport her own soul throughout her mind, different dimensions, and the minds of others.
    Raven can also manipulate her energy to fly and teleport. She can shoot blasts of dark energy, either in beams or in smaller bursts. Raven has very powerful telepathic and telekinetic abilities which are fueled by her emotions. Because of the enormous power she can generate with her emotions she keeps them contained. Raven has shown in a number of instances that exercising her emotions increases her power dramatically, which also tends to cause her to assume a semi-demonic form.

    Species: Half-Demon, Half Human

    Member of Renegades: Yes

    Position/Duties: Unconfirmed

    Mutated: No
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