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Thread: How many times have you beaten the Elite Four?

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    Default How many times have you beaten the Elite Four?

    How many times have you beaten the Elite Four?

    I've lost count.
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    I've beaten them at least 40 times on my main Red version, and about 10 times on my Blue version. I mostly battled them for fun since there was hardly anything else to do after the League. :x

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    On all my 1st games combined, including all the times I have restarted them, at least 100 times, maybe even more. I don't know, never counted. But I beat the E4 many times since that was pretty much the only way to train Pokemon to level 100 in these games.

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    About, oh, say 250-300 times? Before I got my Gold and Silver and Crystal! I was a spoiled kid.

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