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Thread: Black 2 (REDONE!) RMT

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    Default Black 2 (REDONE!) RMT

    Its been a while since I've been on but I actually have redone my team so my old RMT is now invalid.

    Leavanny @ ???
    ~Leaf Blade
    ~Swords Dance
    ~Grass Whistle
    Thanks to edonub for pointing out that I have no Grass/Bug coverage and giving me this Leavanny moveset. I probably won't do much with Leavanny except for add an item then it will be good to go.

    Lucario @ Expert Belt
    ~Aura Sphere
    ~Ice Punch
    He is a decent fighting type but not that he is actually available early enough to make him much better, he has become more great rather than decent. His stats are nice, he learns some great moves and is valuable.

    Magnezone @ Magnet
    ~Signal Beam
    ~Flash Cannon
    I'm considering going with an Evolite Magenton instead but either way, Magnezone is amazing. When you catch Magenmite hes about one level away from Sonicboom and can be very effective against Roxie when in normal mode and he gets better from there.

    Haxorus @ ???
    Mold Breaker
    ~Dragon Claw
    ~False Swipe
    ~Brick Break
    ~Dragon Dance
    Although it takes forever to evolve Axew and Fraxure, Haxorus is available early enough to make it worthwhile. Haxorus is also a real monster in BW and BW2.

    Darmanitan @ Charcoal
    Sheer Force
    ~Flare Blitz
    ~Rock Slide
    ~Work Up
    Darmanitan is one of the best in BW and BW2. It is arguably the best fire type in the Unova Region because of its monster attack and ability.

    Sigilyph @ WiseGlasses
    Wonder Skin
    ~Fly (Utility probably won't be used in battle)
    ~Air Slash
    ~Ice Beam
    I finally made up my mind and I chose Sigilyph. Although Skarmory is a nice tank that also adds anti-normal, I have always hated when fighting types do normal damage to my flying types and I also don't really think that many trainers use normal types later on but I might be wrong, as for I haven't gotten that far in yet.
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    Very sure Luke doesn't get Sheer Force
    Shadow Ball/Shadow Claw over Earthquake, by the way. Fight & Ground shares similar coverage, so you only need one of them.

    IMO, Rock Slide over Superpower on Darmanitan. With Sheer Force, RS has almost the same power as Stone Edge, but with more PP and accuracy.
    Besides, Superpower cripples Darmanitan, and is not affected by Sheer Force.

    My shinies. Just click the links~

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    My shinies are not for trade or cloning.
    Shinies are not listed in order, for example the last shiny on the banner is not always the latest shiny I've obtained.
    Banner 1 made by Light Venusaur, thanks ^_^

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    For Haxorus
    Earthquake and Rock Slide instead of Brick Break and False Swipe for QuakeEdge coverages.

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    False Swipe is probably for utility purposes (catching legendaries and stuff)

    Darmanitan doesn't need to setup, you can annihilate pretty much everything in one hit with STAB and get good super-effective coverage for Fire resisting types (Rock Slide for Fire types, Superpower for Rocks, etc.). I highly recommend you ditch Work Up for as much coverage as possible, to play with Darmanitan's strengths and not his weakness (relatively frail to set up reliably and +1 is not really worth it).

    Lucario really wants Ice Punch over Dragon Pulse. You hit Dragons super-effectively but also Flying types (resisting your fight STAB), ground types (which can hurt you) etc.
    Extremespeed is not that great without Swords Dance, because it lacks raw power and super-effective coverage. You'll fail to oneshot pretty much everything that's not and Emolga or something like that, nullifying the point of outspeeding in the first place. Get more coverage or run a physical set with Close Combat and Swords Dance over Earthquake and Aura Sphere. Also mind that Ground and Fighting have very similar coverage, and are not recommended together. Rock or Ghost/Dark will give you way more super effective hits than ground.

    If you need a flying type poke just to use the HM Fly, then go for Skarmory. Fly on Sigilyph is just wasting a moveslot which you will miss because Sygiliph gets some sweet coverage moves (Ice Beam, Energy Ball, Charge Beam, Shadow Ball. etc). Skarmory can make use of Toxic and get two turns of poison damage with Fly, but don't expect it to hit as hard as Sigilyph can.

    Magnezone is okay, though I find it more useful with Thunder Wave than Toxic, but that's just personal taste. Since its coverage is pretty poor and you'll be switching it out a lot because of that, I suggest you ditch Charge Beam for either Signal Beam (more coverage), a good Hidden Power (Fire, Ice) if you can find it, or Volt Switch (does massive damage with Zone's high special attack and gives you free switch-ins).

    As for the starters, yes, there's plenty of awesome options to replace them so don't feel too bad about it. Since half your team is weak to Ground and nothing resists Fighting, a nice addition could be Leavanny as your sixth poke with Swords Dance / Leaf Blade / X-Scissor and some coverage. You lack Bug and Grass STAB and they will come in handy at the Elite 4 (Bug in particular). Gliscor's a good choice as well.

    Hope it helped
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shine View Post
    Besides, Superpower cripples Darmanitan, and is not affected by Sheer Force.
    That's why you come in on a special attacker, superpower, then U-Turn out.
    In order to understand my train of thoughts,
    you'll have to put yourself in my position. You can't expect me to think like you because my life ain't like yours; You know what I'm sayin?

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