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Thread: design a new scene for a pokemon battle

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    Default design a new scene for a pokemon battle

    Hi everybody, this is a really great forms and I have just joined.
    I want to say hello and ask everyone a question.
    I am a university student in japan.
    My question is if you could what would it look like.
    Sorry, I am a biginner,so there are many miss takes.

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    Hello zakki.

    I was wondering if you meant a new scene like a different background for the battle?

    If so I think any background that shows a connected area between the two pokemon battling would be a nice improvement. Something like the lines in a pokemon stadium on the ground between the pokemon.

    Also your english is pretty good. Your only problems were that you spelled BEGINNER wrong, and you spelled MISTAKES wrong.

    But through my limited knowledge of Nihongo I can say that it would seem like a very easy mistake for a person who's native language is Japanese to make.
    In english the vowel E can make the same sound as your I would make.

    And as far as MISTAKES go, you had the right idea but we combined the two words you used to make the one word.
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