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    Default Lucario Moveset

    I have a Lucario lvl 63 nature Relaxed and my moves are:
    Aura Sphere
    Dragon Pulse
    Close Combat
    Dark Pulse

    Please i need help with the movesets

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    It really depends on what you really want Lucario's Role to be, and where you're planning to use it. Given by the Moveset, it looks like you're either running a Choice Item or a ingame. As Natures go Relaxed is not ideal for battling Lucario, but it could be worse.

    Now, If I didn't know that Lucario only learned Dark Pulse in BW2, I'd have to suggest all 4 of the RMT sections where Lucario is in.. But I can suggest just the two of them. I can't really move it as your post doesn't really follow the rules in the relevant sections..

    In game RMT:

    or Comp RMT:

    I've got to shut this as Newbie forum is "NOT A GAME HELP FORUM."

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