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    Default My Black 2 Team

    I feel the only pokemon out of place on this team was Skarmory. IDK it kinda feels weird with him in it. Should I switch Skarmory out or Keep it in my team.

    Nature: Mild
    Hydro Pump
    Ice beam
    Mega Horn

    Nature: Modest
    Thunder bolt
    Solar Beam
    Sunny Day

    Nature: Timid or Modest
    Giga Drain
    Petal Dance
    Shadow Ball
    Toxic Spikes

    Nature: Brave
    Night Slash
    Mega Horn
    Close Combat

    Nature: Modest or any special Nature
    Thunder bolt
    Shadow Ball
    Signal Beam

    Nature: Jolly
    Night Slash
    Steel Wing
    Sky Attack/ Aerial Ace/ Air Slash
    Rock Slide

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    This team looks alright. First, I suggest surf>hydro pump for more pp, accuracy, and for utility. Delete sunny day for psychic or focus blast. Sunny day ruins Samurott. The problem with skarmory is that it adds a third fire weakness. I'm honestly not sure what to put on instead of it, but what I can say is, delete earthquake for rock slide in heracross. Ground and fighting get very similar coverage, and rock slide can beat flying types. Now that I think of it, you could TRY aggron instead of skarmory. I'm not sure if it would work, but it gives you a steel type without overly worrying about fire types. A ground type might work as well. Maybe flygon. Also, I'd say Energy Ball or grass knot over signal beam. Electric+Grass gives you good coverage.

    Other than that, I like the team. It looks great from the outside, and the movesets are mostly pretty good.
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    What moveset would you suggest with Aggron.

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    Heracross wants Adamant/Jolly Nature.

    Skarmory wants Aerial Ace/Drill Peck for its Flying move.

    As for Aggron

    Adamant Nature, Rock Head ability
    ~Head Smash
    ~Iron Head
    ~Hone Claws/Double-Edge

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    For Samurott
    You could also use Aqua Jet instead of Dig for a good Speed Priority Move.

    For Magmortar
    Take Sunny Day and Solar Beam out for Focus Blast and Psychic or Hidden Power Grass.

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