With some delay, this RP is finally here!

For those doubting I can pull this off, 1000 swords, Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces and the two fanfics I'm posting for... You thought wrong

When the passenger of a cruise liner strands on an island, he/she is under the impression that he/she is the last survivor. They encounter Pokémon and Apricots and strange marks undoubtedly left by humans. But is his/her survival real? Is it all an illusion? Somehow the multiple survivors, as it turns out, don't seem to run into each other, but what power is responsible for letting them not see or hear one another? How can you survive together, but alone? Will they find ways to communicate and work together the escape this island? What sinister figures are pulling the strings?

They find trails and traces of events experienced or caused by other characters, yet consistently don't run into them. They could even be standing right next to each other without them realising, at first. So, what is happening to the refugees of the cruise liner crash?

Without further ado, here's the intro for the RP as well as the introduction of my character. Notes and profiles are found after it in spoilers so readers don't have to scroll below it to start reading

Pokémon Castaways

The waves broke apart as the humongous cruise liner broke through it as the soothing tropical winds allowed for a comfortable temperature on the many decks of the luxurious ship. Many of the guests were used to getting whatever they wanted and getting it immediately on the cruise liner, the S.S. Atlas, staffed with hundreds of employees that catered to the spoiled guests' every whim. There were a select few that had won the lottery and even if the rich guests hadn't used their connections to figure out who the 'plebs' were, they would've known pretty quickly as the normal people wore normal clothes and were overjoyed at the sight of every single unusual commodity they could try out for free. A grown man even screamed in ecstasy as he got an open account in the casino without him owing as much as a single dime. He didn't win much though. Multiple swimming pools, more restaurants than you could count and so much more... And all that came to an end when a mysterious accident befell the S.S. Atlas and its passengers.

Room 119

The sound pounded in his ears, why couldn't they just leave him alone... Maxwell Jones woke up from a bad dream as he slowly realized what the sounds in his ear meant in English.

"All passengers, please unlock the doors or we'll be forced to break them open," a female employee had said.

Before Maxwell could pull himself together and out of the bed, the door got busted down and the employee stormed in.

"Hey..." Maxwell said as he shook his head to get himself out of the daze of having been rudely woken up in the middle of the night. "I could be not entirely decent, so what's the big emergency?"

The female employee shone a flashlight in his eyes as she said: "Sir, don't be alarmed, but the ship is sinking. We're evacuating everyone right now. Follow me to the nearest exit."

"W-what? Sinking?!" Maxwell said.

"Keep calm!" the female employee said as she pulled on his arm and out into the hallway where all the other passengers in that hall were being gathered.

"Okay, follow me!" the female employee said. Her name tag said Emily.

Before anyone could say something, Emily added: "Move! Now!"

The sleepy mass quickly got a shot adrenaline in their body and they started running. Red lights were flashing. They zigzagged through the emergency corridors which weren't actually made for such a mass evacuation. The last thing Maxwell remembered was stepping into the rescue boat with far too many people already in it and then he got hit in his forehead by a frantically swung elbow.

Next thing he knew, he woke up on quite the different place he'd woken up on the last time. He was on an island's sandy shore. The waves gently broke on the beach.

For the other RPers, feel free to introduce your character as you like, as long as it makes sense Don't skip too much ahead to you surviving on the island though, lest the other RPers have to catch up too much.

Some notes and the profiles underneath that:


- The usual RP rules apply
- There is no posting order, but if you've posted already, you can't post again untill everybody else has posted once after your post. This is to make sure some people don't keep posting leaving the rest behind. If you need an exception, for example if you're trying to indirectly work together with a RPer you still can't hear, see, smell, etc. PM me and I'll decide if you can post a second time in a 'row' of every RPer posting usually one post.
- One of the key elements in this RP is that you have a hard time surviving as you're not used to keeping yourself alive on a desolate, strange island and you're trying to do so alone; the second key element is that you can see or feel the physical changes a person has made on the environment, like leafs being cut, trails being made... but you can't see, hear, smell, ESP, taste or feel any other person except if it's indirectly, for example if their presence influences certain things like wild Pokémon's behaviors or the path of water or something. Owned Pokémon can't be seen by other people or can't see other people apart from their owners. Wild Pokémon can be seen by everyone.
- New rules may be added anytime, though I'll put a note about it in my latest post.
- Have fun, if that can be considered a rule !


- Scriptor Scorpio's profile

Name: Maxwell Jones
Age: 17.
Gender: male.

Description and skills: He has messy brown hair and piercing green eyes like his father with the thin and tall build of his mother, along with her gentle nature. He wore a dark hat and a blue vest over a white T-shirt with dark jeans which he flew into as they were evacuating the ship.

He's adapted to using his intellect to improvise in the toughest situations, but he can also plan when given the opportunity. He has grown a bit impatient and can be unpredictable when fighting an opponent. He learns quickly, but always first relies on knowledge he picked up throughout his life, most of which he saw on tv. He can be quite wrong at times. Other than that, he can live by himself in the modern world. Maybe not so much in the wild without civilisation to lend him a hand.

Personality: Unlike most teens, Maxwell was raised to always be perfectly polite and gentle to everyone. He's quite intelligent though naďve and he used his intellect to win Pokémon battles, yet not for himelf, but for his mother who he has great respect for. He respects his elders like second parents and other people he's loyal to like loved ones he wants to protect. Recently, he started cursing and gained a meaner streak due to a life-changing event. Time will tell if anything about him will stay the same, like the cute young boy he once was.

History: Maxwell was always perfectly content with just living with his mom in their little apartment in Veilstone City and the main reason he went out to train Pokémon was to pass on the money he won in battles to his mother so she could keep paying rent, which was hard to do even when he went on his Pokémon journey, the other reason why he left home at age ten. His mother had insisted on her buying the best possible equipment and she pulled some strings to get a strong Pokémon to protect her only son. He was determined to pay her back for it. When on his seventeenth birthday he came home to celebrate, a letter was delivered to him and his mother along with a room filling cloud of balloons and a deluxe ticket for the cruise liner. It was from his biological father who had finally succeeded in contacting Maxwell as he claimed in the letter. Maxwell's mother explained she left his father when they were all very young. In a fit of resentment and confusion, Maxwell ran away to board the cruise liner. Then an employee came into his luxurious room and yelled that the ship was sinking and they had to evacuate.

- biggggg5's profile

Name: Thomas "Tom" Williams
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Description: Tom is only slightly taller then average. He has really dark brown hair that is almost black. He is awfully skinny and not very muscular. He has an abnormal amount of facial hair for his age but he keeps it shaved. His skin is very pale except for a birthmark on his left forearm. He was wearing his favorite outfit blue jean shorts and a plain white t shirt. He always wears his thick glasses as he can't see further than 6 inches without them.
Skills: Tom is (for lack of a better word) a nerd. He is incredibly smart and imaginative often coming up with radical plans others wouldn't think of. He loves reading and read up a whole bunch before setting out on his Pokemon journey. His strategizing and planning skills are completely unmatched which makes him a great battler.
Personality: Tom is very very shy towards new people but once he opens up he is very fun to be around. He is very kind and not very easily angered but when he is he is extremely competent. It just takes a whole whole lot to push him over the edge. But normally he is nice and understanding and great for emotional support.
History: Tom's life was going great. He had just won the orange island championships with his great Pokemon team: an exeggutor named Ereggon, a kingdra named Queendra, a sableye named mysteria, a rhyperior named pearl, an eelektross named geddy, and his starter a charizard named Hotstuff. They prevailed through the tournament by a hair. They would have lost but the opponent's metagross stopped listening to him for some reason. Tom promised a rematch once the runner up reconciled with his metagross. The cruise tickets were part of the prize for winning the tournament and Tom was asleep when the ship crashed and he only had time to grab Hotstuff's and Pearl's Pokeballs. However the dispense mechanism on all the Pokeballs were disabled upon boarding the ship for the safety of the passengers and can't be renabled except at a Pokemon center.

- EllenCeladon's profile

Name: Selena Smith
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Description and skills: Selena stands around 5' 4” with long curly orange hair with blackened tips, she tends to wear green eyeshadow and green lipstick. She prefers wearing a long dress with lace sleeves and two belts crossed over her hips, one for her pokeballs, the other for the bits and baubles of her trade. Her trade is witchcraft. Selena is a Hex girl from the Hoenn region, given the right herbs she can alter the very nature of a Pokemon, enhance their strength or even change their coloring.
Personality: Selena is a very head strong girl, she lives by her own set of rules that include treating others the way shed like to be treated, including her Pokemon.
History: What could be a more relaxing vacation than a cruise with your Pokemon? Selena decided that she and her team had earned a week off and treated them to a cruise. It was a lovely cruise, until she was yanked off a lounge chair by a crew member and forced into a bright orange life preserver and pushed into a line. She had never been more glad that she was too nervous to leave her supplies and pokeballs in her room, she had kept them on her hips. So with a few quick commands her Pokemon were back in their balls, the last thing she remembered was the water rushing over her as she plummeted overboard while waiting to get onto a row boat.

- OceanicLanturn's profile

Name: Aron Archer
Age: 14
Gender: male
Description and skills: Aron is a male teenager that wears a cap and has brown hair, as well as a pair of black eyes. He wears a blue collared shirt and a pair of brown pants, with a small, light backpack and a pair of running shoes. Being a gift from his father before leaving on an adventure, Aron has a unique blue Poketch. He's 5'11" tall and is rather thin.
Personality: Aron is able to cheer up others, but sometimes to the point that people find him irritating. He is intelligent, but on other occasions he tend to "blank out" and may seem dumb to some. He is also rather on the immature side, being rash and sometimes too enthusiastic. However, he is usually optimistic and looks at a brighter side. Also, he does have a huge phobia of bugs and the dark. That's why he enjoys staying in Pokecentres and avoids travelling at night.
History: Aron had lived in City all his life and attends school there for the past 10 years living with his family. When he was six, his uncle had brought him a Chinochou called Latty for his birthday and both of them went along greatly until twelve, where he managed to capture a Cottonee, called Whim, on his own. Those two pokemon were house pets during that time, as his mother was worried due to Aron's rash personality and prohibited from going on a journey until fourteen. When Aron had hit fourteen and his mother had allowed him to begin his journey, his father gave him a cruise ticket to begin his adventure. He brought Whim and Latty along, starting his adventure. During his second night, a female attendant had screamed that the boat was sinking and was knocking on his door, at the time when Aron was eating food and enjoying a novel. Intrigued, he slung his backpack over his back and ran towards the emergency row boats parked at the side of the boat along with Latty and Whim. His last thought was when the ship tilted sideways suddenly and he was thrown overboard into the ocean.