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Thread: how to power up Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

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    Cool how to power up Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow?

    I have recently bought a copy of Pokemon Yellow. In this game, Pikachu follows you around like the anime.

    I think this Pikachu is more powerful than other Pikachu in other Pokemon games.

    I believe that there is a way to power it up before I challenge Brock in Pewter City Gym in the game?

    Does anyone know how to power up Pikachu before I have a gym battle in the game?

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    Power up? I have no idea what you mean by that, other than training it or using vitamins on it. I don't think you get vitamins that early in the game. Training may be your only option. :/ I hope I helped you.

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    No, that only happened in the anime. The best you can do is catch a different Pokemon to help you beat Brock, but I also recall teaching my own Pikachu Mega Punch in Yellow, so that's worth a shot if the TM's available. There is no special way to make Pika's electric attacks hit ground types, sorry.


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    There's no TMs available before Brock. The only way you'll be able to beat Brock with Pikachu alone is to level it up to such a point that a combination of Tail Whip and Quick Attack is enough to beat the Rock types. Level 12-14 should be enough. If you still can't do it at that point, get it to level 20 and it'll learn Slam, which is twice the power of Quick Attack. Of course by the time you've reached this point, you'd have done so many wild battles gaining pitiful amounts of EXP, that you could have caught and trained both a Mankey and a Butterfree and beaten Brock easily with either Low Kick or Confusion.

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