Hi. I've been having this idea for a while, and now that the trading is available on TCG Online I've been finally able to achieve my burning deck full potential. Please rate it. The deck list is the same as I'm using now, I'd like help to see what to add/replace and to decide for example on the Reshiram vs. Reshiram EX issue.


2 Entei EX
2 Reshiram EX
1 Reshiram
2 Growlithe (Next Destinies #10)
2 Arcanine (Next Destinies #12)
2 Larvesta (Dark Explorers #20)
2 Volcarona (Dark Explorers)


3 Heavy Ball (looking for a 4th)
2 Level Ball
1 Pokémon Catcher
4 Switch
1 Pokémon Communication
1 Random Receiver

3 Cheren
1 Cilan
4 Engineer's Adjustments
1 Fisherman
2 N
2 Professor Oak's New Theory

2 Giant Cape
1 Rocky Helmet


17 Fire Energy
2 Double Colorless Energy

This deck has several strategies. The ideal strategy is to set up Arcanine or Entei EX and Volcarona early game and do some damage with the burn from Arcanine or Entei. Then Reshiram/Reshiram EX will most likely come to my hand and Entei will use its Grand Flame to power them up. Engineer's Adjustments plays a big role here as the energies I discard will end up powering up Reshiram.

I've been using this online and I'm getting fairly good results against the common Darkrai and Mewtwo/Eelektrik decks as well as the Garchomp/Altaria ones and some others.