Fizzytopian Park and Gardens

What could be better than a day at the park with your Pokemon? Whether relaxing on a bench with your pals or starting an impromptu game of frisbee with other trainers and their Pokemon, the FPaG has something for everyone. Our beautiful gardens contain the widest variety of plant species in all of Fizzytopia, and are well-accented with beautiful statues, regal fountains and serene garden pathways. The park itself is home to the spellbinding Mystic Lake, where swimming by both trainers and Pokemon is encouraged, and lakeside picnics are very popular. Various nature trails are also marked for your convenience throughout the park for those who prefer a bit of exploring.

In order to ensure a calm, worry-free experience for both trainers and Pokemon, tall grass has been thoroughly manicured and the Pokemon who once lived in this environment have been relocated to our private wildlife park. As such, please do not expect to run into many wild Pokemon here. In addition, it is against park rules to capture any wild Pokemon you encounter.

We hope you enjoy all that nature has to offer here at the FPaG!