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    Flap. Flap. Flap. The methodical rhythm of Aerodactyl's wings beating in the afternoon sun filled the air as Matthew sat atop his prehistoric pterodactyl, looking down at the beauty of the sea they were flying over. The sun reflected off the great expanse as far as the eye could see, the size of the 'blue planet' vast oceans slipping away from speech; the significant vision of peacefulness helping calm Matthew's beating heart as he prepared. A cold wind blew through the air as Matthew's body-weight changed position subconsciously, the anticipation of his Aerodactyl's movements of such a degree that the young trainer needn't think before doing, the connection so deep that the idea came naturally. Sniffing in a deep breath of fresh salty air Matthew looked out to the boundless sea, pondering on its enigmatic origins and sustainability; its existential riddle far from answered by exponential theories.

    Water splashed past either side of the fossil Pokémon, the optimistic opportunist having attempted to catch a fish from the waters below; its claws extended and dragging on the waves. Its unsuccessful attempt brought Matthew back from his daydream, the young trainer looking around once more at the vast abyss surrounding him. The fizzytopian gardens beckoned, the wide open space of the newly refurbished park bringing the opportunity to play with his Pokémon that the bar never could, even offering spots for larger Pokémon. He chuckled to himself as he remembered the looks he got when he brought his Rhyperior into the small space, the two getting into even more trouble when the rock-type scrapped with another of his species, causing the trainer to be red-faced at the damage of a few tables and chairs. The park also provided the opportunity to get some well-needed fresh air, his base in the Glacier Region providing it at the cost of the freezing temperatures, not to mention that it had become synonymous with training. This trip, however, was meant to help Matthew and his Pokémon blow off some steam, spend some quality time together and bond as a unit. He had done so previously with the Pokémon that had came before, his memory allowing him to remember that much but not the details of their release. He tried to stop thinking about it, twisting uncomfortably before facing another section of the sea.

    Pushing the thoughts out of his mind Matthew turned to check his rucksack, the ever-useful tool this time helping him carry some essentials to the park; a red and black lumberjack pattern picnic rug furled up in one of the corners, a picnic basket filled to the brim with tasty treats Matthew had cooked, an ice box filled with special drinks each different for the intended Pokémon, fruits and berries gathered from the berry shop and last but not least a couple of bottles of Rosé and a few beers for the trainer. It was, of course, his time to relax too; the park providing the perfect opportunity to unwind. Rooting around at the bottom Matthew picked out a half-drunk bottle of Oasis Summer Fruits, finishing the bottle as he quenched his parched thirst. Finishing with the bottle, Matthew placed it back in his bag before turning to spot land ahead.

    “When we get to the park, land on the cliff near the mystic lake” he commanded, waiting for the inevitable ascent.

    It came sure enough, Matthew feeling the force as the Aerodactyl rose higher, leaving behind the sea to accommodate for the land's abrupt cliff-range. Within a few minutes, Aerodactyl had made its way to the edge, setting the man down and standing in front of him. Matthew sighed as he put a hand on Aerodactyl's beak, rubbing its rough rock skin before taking a deep gulp.

    “You're … you're now the level of the others” he said, his voice breaking slightly as he hesitated with his speech, “you have served me well and I will always love you for that, but … but now it's time to spread your wings.”

    A single tear dripped down from Matthew's face as he turned away, hiding his emotional face from his Pokémon.

    “The others left to make a family, to enjoy life, I'm sure of it” he recited, “and now it's time for you to do the same. You have always been by my side when I needed you but now I must return the favour, I cannot let you stay with me and suffer, I have to let you free. I can't keep you contained, you're too precious.”

    Dropping the silver-lined Pokéball to the floor, Matthew raised a foot before smashing it on the rocks. Bursting the plastic into pieces, Matthew felt the explosion of energy from the Aerodactyl as it was released from his capture, the flying-type having total control over its actions once more.

    “Go... Go now. Enjoy your life like they did. Stop letting me keep you from happiness” Matthew continued, the verse seemingly recited like he had been practicing in the mirror. Matthew felt the power of the Aerodactyl's wings rise, a Tailwind blowing Matthew round to face it once more. The Pokémon stood tall, flapping its wings down to the ground without liftoff, cawwing loudly without moving.

    “Y-you want to stay?” he asked, the Aerodactyl nodding in answer.

    Placing a hand on the Aerodactyl's beak once more, Matthew smiled as his chest welled up with pride. Swinging his backpack round, Matthew withdrew a Blue Cyberball, its energy humming in his hand as it routinely glowed and pulsed.

    “Then you're welcome to stay”, Matthew said, presenting the ball to the Aerodactyl, clicking the middle button as the fossil Pokémon was swallowed by the red light. Holding the ball in one hand Matthew saw it sway a few times before stars flew out of it, the capture being complete once more. Throwing the ball into the air, Matthew saw the Pokémon burst out with renewed energy.

    “Hauser. Your new name will be Hauser” Matthew announced, the Aerodactyl flapping its wings once more. “Now come, we've had enough drama. We need to go relax for a bit, what say you?”

    Matthew clambered on board the Aerodactyl's back as it released a Flamethrower into the air before using the Tailwind to take off.

    “If only someone had taken a picture” the trainer mused.

    After a few minutes of flying above the park, Matthew spotted a hubbub of activity below, the Aerodactyl sensing this as it descended. With a variety of trainers already there running around with their Pokémon, Matthew couldn't help but feel late to the party, missing the opening only slightly and yet it appeared so much had happened in the time he wasn't there. Landing in a secluded corner of the park garden so not to disturb any other trainer with the same idea as him Matthew grabbed a few spheres from his Pokébelt, releasing them all up into the air at the same time. Within a few seconds, most of his Pokémon joined him in the park; Togepi in his arms; Shieldon, Anorith, Lileep and Omanyte by his side; his new Porygon floating slightly above his head and his new Zigzagoon already curiously rubbing its nose to the ground, sniffing it for new smells.

    Seeing the new Pokémon in the group, Matthew rummaged through his bag once more, pulling out a plastic disc, the white Frisbee a new addition especially for the park. Whistling for his Zigzagoon, the Tiny Raccoon Pokemon's ears immediately pricked up as Matthew threw it, the mischievous Pokémon running in zig-zags before finally catching up to the Frisbee's flight path, jumping and catching it in its mouth.

    “You're a natural Crim” Matthew exclaimed, his excitement soon quelled as the raccoon held it in its mouth, “Bring it back now”

    Matthew groaned as it did not, continuing its path away from the trainer with the flying disc in its mouth, showing no sign or intention of returning the disc. Hurriedly running up to his Pokémon, Matthew wrestled the toy from Crim's mouth before turning back to the rest of the gang.

    “Now you Deckard”, he said, pointing to his new Porygon, carefully throwing the disc with enough power to make it float, but not enough to make it scare the inquisitive Pokémon. As it went in the direction of the polyhedral Pokémon, the Porygon began to show interest, buzzing as it floated beside it. Hoping that the Porygon would catch it, Matthew was let down as it fell to the floor, its flight pattern causing it to jet into the soft ground at an angle. With Porygon floating next to it, hovering just a feet or two off the ground and beeping curiously, Zigzagoon suddenly came and side-swiped it; the excitement of the flying disc being thrown again overtaking the Pokémon, taking out Porygon.

    With the Virtual Pokémon on its side, Lileep crawled over, using its appendage to right the pink and blue Pokémon before making it hover again, the Porygon beeping once more without a change in attitude. Matthew raised a brow at his new Pokémon, but shrug it off as new-team jitters. Looking in his bag, Matthew questioned the Zigzagoon's excitement if he were to bring out the other toys all at once, having a tennis ball and a kite stuffed into the nether regions of the rucksack before deciding that the Frisbee would be enough for now.

    Continuing the routinely tradition of having to wrestle the disc out of Zigzagoon's mouth before throwing it, Matthew and the gang continued into the middle of the park, before spotting a large tree, one that looked perfect for Aerodactyl. In the distance, Matthew could see a trainer sitting down having a picnic, only noticing it as his friend Jessica as they got closer.

    “Hey Jessica. Do you mind if we join you” he asked, waiting for an answer before pulling out his picnic rug and laying it down, his Pokémon helping straighten it out before he flopped on the ground.

    Breathing a relaxing sigh, Matthew watched as Aerodactyl flew into the tree, a bunch of Pidgey flying outwards. Looking up, Matthew noticed Aerodactyl's lack of attempt to catch them, glad to see his lesson about not catching 'prey' while in a public space was settling in, instead the fossil helping itself to the fruit the tree bore at the top.

    Reaching back into his bag, Matthew pulled out his pic-a-nic basket and set it down on the rug, handing out specific foods to his Pokémon; a freshly baked Bloomer, carrot and celery sticks, Brazil Nuts, and a bag of trail-mix the first to be handed out. With each Pokémon happily scoffing down the selected foods, Matthew finally had a minute to turn and talk to Jessica.

    “Wow, I see you've acquired some new Pokémon since we last met” he said, amazing at the new species Jessica had picked up, “Who are these little cuties then?”
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