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    Keith, Connor, Meowth, Gaspard, Eleanor, Sewaddle - Connor had been lost in thought in thinking of names for the Sewaddle that he was startled to hear a familiar voice behind him. He turned around to see none other than Keith who looked rather beaten up... and at the same time, had never been more happy in his life. Naturally, Connor was surprised to see him like this. "K-Keith? Hey, what happened to you man?! You look like you've been trampled by a Bouffalant! Why do you look like that?!" he exclaimed as Keith seemed to have told him about how it was his happiest day of his life... which only confused the young photographer even more. He had then explained to him about the Mow Rotom and Coselle being Marion's sister, "Yeah, I know. Jessica told me. I haven't seen her yet though... Marion's recovering now huh? That's good to hear," he gave out a sigh of relief when he heard the news. He then broke out the news about him and Coselle dating-which earned rather nervous looks from Gaspard and Eleanor and yet went unnoticed by Connor-and this only earned him a nod from Connor as he was still rather distracted by the bruises and Meowth's words from earlier. "I see... good for you then huh? Congrats," he simply said to him. Meowth's words echoed through Connor one more time:

    "...He always left out a detail when he told dat story- he did drown, but came back ta life when da Pokemon dat saved him bumped inta him ta push him ta shore. 'Cept his soul was startin' ta turn into a Gastly, but when he were revived, it never changed back fer some reason. Long story short, he's one quarter Gastly."

    He was so lost in thought that he only barely heard what Keith had said afterwards, "Oh, the lake? Um... I brought Marco, my shiny Octillery, with me. I think he's in there. Lamont, my Poliwag, is in the Pokemon Center after doing some training with him. Marco seems to have taken some interest in him... hey Keith?" he had asked a question when he faced his Meowth seeming thinking about something but then hesistated, "...never mind. I forgot what I was going to say. Ehehe..." he gave out a nervous laugh. He didn't see Keith any different from before finding out about his secret, aside from being covered up in bruises, so why was he troubled over that fact? He did not know the answer himself...
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